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This is where we will premiere reviews for new albums at the time of release they will also appear under their respected subsection aswell.
New Note:As of 12.12 am 12th August 2016 we are going to experiment with doing reviews a different way instead of a cohesive structured review we are going to leave it raw and uncut from the thoughts we had when listening to these releases in the reviews this decision was made after finishing an article which is due to be published next month

Martin Phillipps Live at the moth club

At the time of 2004 anything related to Martin Phillips and the Chills releases were very far and few between but now I find it hard to believe but am happy to see we now have a constant stream of interesting releases from Martin and The Chills

With The Chills back in full swing it is nice to hear Martin doing the odd bit of solo live recording especially since he is still surging through tours for the latest chills album Silver Bullets.

There are certainly some fantastic live gems on here from Male Monster from The Id,

This live album is splendidly brilliant that it will give you The Chills.

It also includes a nice booklet and a dvd that gives us a sneak peak into the upcoming documentary Curse Of The Chills

Presents some of the underrated and lesser known singles of Martin's back catalogues

Explores in a live format a beautifully stripped back atmosphere

It will be something that you will be humming and listening closely to

It is good Martin along with the Chills They are still Heavenly Pop Hits that us fans still want coming

Jordan Luck Band Not Only But Also
This album rocks and from track 1 you will be hooked. Jordan has the ability craft 3 to 4 minute masterpieces in the form of songs that stick in your subconscious and it is evident with this album. If I had to pick out a standout track or two that would be difficult as I would pick all of them but if it comes down to it the ones I must mention are Can I Help You, Only The Lonely, Crystal Soul and Stevie. So fly away into the blue skies with the debut album from the Jordan Luck Band which is comprised of Jordan Luck of The Exponents who has been a main staple of the NZ music scene since the 80’s, Bryan Bell was the frontman for the band The Dead Flowers, Joe Walsh of Ekko Park, Beaver Drummer for the legendary D4 and Rich Mixture from The Dead Flowers,D4 and shaft. This album exceeded my hopes and expectations I had when it was announced

The Corrs White Light

Just when we thought that Andrea and Sharon releasing solo projects must have meant borrowed Heaven was the last hurrah of the family band dynamic The Corrs first surprise us by playing a concert for bbc radio in hyde park then announcing their first group album in 10 years. The group channels their emotions (almost seems like this album was a cathartic experience for the band) nicely into the songs which can be heard in the first single Bring On The Night which happens to be one of my picks for this album along with the song Ellis Island that also has a nice irish feel to it.The sound of this album is up-to-date and contemporary combining traditional irish folk music with modern pop rock, but not overproduced or overly trendy,with amazing vocal and melodic harmonies and is still recognizably the Corrs.It is great to have the amazing harmonies of The Corrs back on the Radio what can I do but recomend this album.

The Beatles 1+
The Beatles 1+ delivers somthing new, my first thought when I heard about this release was oh a money making ploy.
For the first time ever the music videos of The Beatles 27 No1 hit singles come together in this specially packaged cd/dvd combo.
Each video has been repaired, restored and remastered in high definition using the original source material, overall the sound and visuals are as crisp as a freshly picked apple.
In 1967 the only way to see a Beatles music video was to have the television on at the right time, in this day and age we have youtube,Vimeo and Dailymotion to name a few but before these we had VHS which then morphed into DVDs which was proceeded by BLU Ray.
This release has enough content to keep watching for 8 days I mean 7 days a week and with the limited edition release with 23 extra videos/alternate videos with commentary with Ringo and Paul it will sure feel like 8 days

The Chills Silver Bullets
It has been 20 years since the last full length album came out from the chills (although from time to time we have been treated with special releases from their archive), the album carries that signature Chills feel that harkens back to the days of Submarine Bells and Softbomb. This album has an energetic enthusiasm about it especially with the title track (and one of my personal favourites) Silver Bullets which is just sung beautifully, the very prophetic track Underwater Wasteland talking about how we as humanity take and take and not thinking about the consequences/ effects to nature around us, another two great tracks I must recommend are America Says Hello and Molten Gold. Overall this album has a nice polished simply beautiful golden sound and I surely hope it is not another 20 years before another full length album comes from The Chills

Greg Fleming and the working poor: stranger in my own hometown
The name of the band may be the working poor but they are certainly rich musically along with Greg’s rich vocals and lyrics
Gregs vocals remind me of a seasoned Tim Finn and the songs have a feel of my favourite Dire Straits album On Every Street and the guitar work has a Santana feel about it a nice smooth cool sound.
This is my first encounter with Greg’s work and thoroughly enjoyed it my picks would be Stranger In My Own Home Town. The songs on this album feels like a collection of stories that make you feel apart of the stories

Greg Johnson Swing The Lantern

This album is the new addition to Gregs fantastic and ever growing library of work.

It is a lush sounding album nice and rich balance of melodies,Harmonies and lyrics.
It is full of catchy tunes that get stuck in your head one of my favourites in particular is why wont love
There are some great epiphinal and thoughtful moments in tracks like Israel and stone cold sober for me each album seems to have a stand out track that no matter how long it has been since I have heard it I can still sing the entire track to myself this albums track is why wont love give in which has a nice touch of jazz in the melody. Another nice touch is how the Swing The Lantern reference is dotted through out the tracks. Overall this is such a nice relaxing album to unwind with. I highly recommend getting this album.

Ally Cook Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel
This may be Ally’s sophomore album but this is the first time we have heard her solo work and right from the starting track we absolutely loved it.
This album has a nice country folk feel to it with some catchy lyrics to boot
Stand out tracks for me would be Home, Western Line along with a track co written with Alan Janson (co writer of OMC’s How Bizarre) entitled Midnight Cowboys (this track has a nice similar tempo to how Bizarre)

Don Mcglashan Lucky Stars
It has been six years since his critically acclaimed second album marvellous year was released but now here we finally have Don Mcglashans 3rd solo album entitled Lucky Stars
The songs on the album consist of beautifully crafted lyrics with fantastic melodies that form in essence great stories told in song which is reminiscent of an album Don recorded in his previous band The Mutton Birds called Envy Of Angels.
My song picks for this album come in the form of the Country type song Come Back To Me,The hauntingly beautiful sea Shanty ballad esq  The Waves Would Roll on (previously heard in the theatre production Ship Songs in which Don composed the music for)
Overall it is a Marvellous album.
You can tell Don is a fine song craftsman when he can write a song about filling up his car and waiting to pay and it sounds fantastic and catchy example is in reference to track lucky stars with this album just sit back close your eyes and let the stories told in song wash over you

Jamie Mcdell Ask Me Anything

Here we have Jamie Mcdells Sophomore album entitled Ask Me Anything.
If you ask us Jamie is certainly maturing into a fine singer/songwriter and this album is the proof
we first got a taste of this album in 2014 with the singles Dumb and my personal favourite Crash I love the lyrical intensity of the track,
the 3rd single we received was entitled back of my mind which is a nice summery track I would put Jamies songs in the genre of country/pop overall this album contains great musical energy that just explodes in the form of great lyrics,melodies and vocal harmonies

Mark Knopfler Tracker
Mark Knopfler has released to the world 13 more of his musical children in the form of his 8th solo album entitled Tracker.
The feel of this album is like revisiting/catching up with old friends in the form of musical styles, this is evident in the first single Beryl which harkens back to the days of early Dire Straits.
Mark gets his inspiration from observing/reading about events and putting himself in the place of the people associated with those events, the tracks Beryl and Basil being prime examples.
This album is just continuing proof Mark is a masterful storyteller, wordsmith and songwriter who has a wide range of musical skills ranging from pop,rock,folk and classical whose melodies flow nicely in his overall eclectic collection of work.


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