Songlines Across New Zealand
  Cheshires Debut selftitled
The cheshires are a new chapter in the story that is/was remy zero this is a seminal project that proves nothing remains the same.   Its great to have remy back in a Musical capacity even if its under a different name capacity.  
The moment this arrived on my doorstep i was excited and was not disappointed from the moment i hit play
Snakes is very akin to NZs own headless chickens
This album and the songs contained on it have the musical sole that was Remy Zero but make no mistake like the phoenix that rises from the ashes Cheshires rose from the Remnants of what was remy zero to present us with some outstanding material

My stand out track has to be Love This Feeling (have caught myself singing this while out and about)Kry-War out there also makes the list

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