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  Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom review (novelization)
I Have just binge read the new novel of the film of the same title (yes I cheated besides NZ does not get it in cinemas for 3 weeks and knowing facebook pages and websites I would have known the plot long before I see it because these pages are trigger happy to get clicks).
Anyway with the trailers and toy releases assumptions fly around (I initially had the thought that this film would be mixing lost world elements into it) but found a few other elements in it one that stands out is the fact the isalnd (atleast on the pages) seems to sink due to the eruption going by this line "They Watched, Horrified, as the scorched island slowly crumbled into the ocean, steam rising." this is reminiscnet to the original book where the island was bombed to wipe all of the evidence the park and dinos existed. The humans are not the only stars of this movie obviously the dinosaurs are and one that stands out is our old fav T Rex who is the main reason why the mosasaurus escapes as he kills the guard who opens the gates to the lagoon into the ocean for a submarine to pass through, the story starts 3 years after those events, continuing on T rex  while chaos is happening on the island and Owens gang are escaping to get off while dodging dinos a carnotaurus eyes up owen but at the last moment Rexy bights its neck and a little while later is captured  in the end it is Rexy who kills Mills and destorys the Indominus Rex bone. The story of Blue is that the big bad guy wants her so she could help the next Indoraptor that was in the plans of being bred to be trained/socialised yes Blue is shot and it takes a blood transfusion from Rexy to save Blues life. Now for the Indoraptor the Lockwood Manor set helps set the scene for what is to become of this one in the trailers you see at one stage the Indoraptor on a glass roof now in a scene of the trailer and in the lego set the is a Triceratops statue in the foyer below said roof. Now the end is a little lost worldish (film wise when the Rex is rampaging the city briefly) The Dinos are located in an underground large room that is slowly filling with cyanide gas Owne and team have a moral dilemma let the Dinos die or let them loose on the world Owen and Claire decide to not let them out but the little girl with them pushes the button to open the doors and says I had to they're alive like us they all leave the house and is confronted by Blue Owne tries to convince blue to join them on a truck but Blue runs off into the wild (leaving us with the lost world film scenario)

I certainly did enjoy the book and cannot wait for the film (I will most likely binge read this another few times before the release of the film)
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