Songlines Across New Zealand
  Jordan Luck Band Not Only But Also

This album rocks and from track 1 you will be hooked.
Jordan has the ability craft 3 to 4 minute masterpieces in the form of songs that stick in your subconscious and it is evident with this album.
If I had to pick out a standout track or two that would be difficult as I would pick all of them but if it comes down to it the ones I must mention are Can I Help You, Only The Lonely, Crystal Soul and Stevie.
So fly away into the blue skies with the debut album from the Jordan Luck Band which is comprised of Jordan Luck of The Exponents who has been a main staple of the NZ music scene since the 80’s, Bryan Bell was the frontman for the band The Dead Flowers, Joe Walsh of Ekko Park, Beaver Drummer for the legendary D4 and Rich Mixture from The Dead Flowers,D4 and shaft.
This album exceeded my hopes and expectations I had when it was announced
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