Songlines Across New Zealand
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In 1986 an animated film hit our screens called Transformers that film had some fantastic tracks in the soundtrack one of those tracks entitled Instruments of Destruction came from a band called NRG. Now Lee Mangano drummer for NRG has set up his own Drum School that offers online teaching to students via virtual lessons.

Lee started ICR drum program 2013 donating time teaching every week in poor districts & refugees from Somalia, Afghanistan Syria & The Congo etc,,, and scheduling live events they can perform at and with the native American drummers The Eastern Medicine Singers (check out the success of Lee’s programmes in this album of photos and videos 

On top of this Lee has set up a site dedicated to all things NRG which includes a shop with some great merchandise including up for preorder drumsticks with a Transformers design of Bumblebee. To find out all about these projects check out the links below
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