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  Losing My R.E.M (place holder title)

What does REM mean to me Remember Energetic Music (REM) or Remember Every Memory

MON 1:38AM there is alot of emotional attachment to the songs of rem being excited getting all the dvd bonus albums getting the best of also each time hearing an rem song I did not know and finding out I had it on a cd of theirs

TUE 12:11AM REM lyrics are such poetry in motion rem mtv arc of an entire career their songs helped us find things that were inside us

with all the comic superhero films and tv series there has been one question that to me has not been asked of fans/viewers . what was your first comic book experienece or comic book universe experience and what did you take from that experience

REMs music was forever evolving and they paid attention to their arts/craft

25 years ago they found themselves at the top of the pop charts with Losing My Religion 35 years ago radio free europe

they were regular people who were just doing what they loved which bloomed for everyone else to love they have given the world 35 years of musical pleasure

where we would see Bono playing characters like mcphisto on stage Stipes stage persona is basically his own persona

what I have learned from rem is to listen to the words and to think and to just be myself and not care what others think of me

good questions why did you get into music and if you could have written any song in the world from any band which do you wish you had written do you feel you are your own worst critic like you kind of find the tiniest flaws in the stuff you have recorded

FRI 1:15AM rem out of time is the stuff of pop legend REM as a band redefined pop music

The last time I wrote something about REM I was still figuring out the music I had not heard of theirs and had not encountered

With REM’s songs and lyrics for me atleast I find them interesting and looking into the lyrics deeper is an interesting experience. One example while writing this Supernatural superserious came on and I started thinking how it points out everyone is unique but there are people who try to be fake and want to forget who they are and become someone else but in the end it will backfire on those people.
Don’t go looking for the popular crowd go looking for a crowd who will take you as you are/ you for you and you realise your fantasies are dressed up in travesties enjoy yourself with no regrets

Sometimes they have also proven the lyrics dont have to make sense as no matter what they sing it sounds amazing my favourite example of this would be their early track Fall On Me

Some of their other lesser known track have a uniqueness about them even to a point having intense lyrical moments like the track Blue from their final album collapse into now

I don't mark my time with dates, holidays, faded wisdom,

locked karma holders


I am made by my times

I am a creation of now

Shaken with the cracks and crevices

I'm not giving up easy

I will not fold

I don't have much

But what I have is gold

Looking back/in retrospective one could say there will never be another band of REM’s calibre in the music scene

I can say with absolute certainty I learnt one of my greatest lessons from being a fan of REM. stay grounded no matter what

inspired by REMs blue everyone has different unique views at how we see everyday moments

The songs of REM have many depths/levels of substance and songs can intertwine everyday events they also deal with the nature of celebrity (The Album Monster was dedicated to River Phoenix and the song Let Me In was a tribute to Kurt Cobain instead of using lyrics to do the talking the used the music to do the talking and the lyrics be in the backround Kurt’s guitar is used in the video for What’s The Frequency Kenneth )

They bring to light the issues whether it be political or moral

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