Songlines Across New Zealand
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Songlines Across New Zealand 
(SANZ for short) this magazine is dedicated to mainly reporting on NZ music but we have recently started to break onto the international scene.
The site has interviews, cd reviews and gig reviews
even more can be found at the facebook pages  

Alot of the articles that fill the magazine were actually drafted up for another magazine that I was going to write for but at the last moment that magazine seemd to fade out of sight into the shadows so I was left with interviews I had conducted and cd and gig reviews I had written so I decided to start up my own magazine with the title Songlines Across New Zealand (cause I am a dedicated supporter of NZ music)
I am doing this all on my own time and am not making any money from it I am doing it for the love of the music.
Now at the moment I am in the process of putting everything together for the site so please bear with me as I am in the process of putting my writings onto this site
I want to take a moment to thank everyone who I have interviewed for their time and everyone who took pictures for the magazine.
John (Owner,editor,writer) of Songlines Across New Zealand (SANZ mag)
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