Songlines Across New Zealand
  The Story behind the magazine

Now its time to finally reveal the story behind this magazine

This story starts in the year 2001 round the time Tim Finn was touring at the end 2001 I this was the second concert I had ever been to (the 1st was The Mutton Birds in 1999) anyway a few days after the Tim Finn concert I bought a handful of split enz cds and a passing comment was made bout it bein a nice selection of NZ music anyway a few days later on the News there was an article on it saying we as a country don't support enough of NZ made items including NZ music at that moment I went over to my CD collection and counted exactly 30 NZ cds in my collection. A few days later I bought the Finn,Dobbyn,Runga Together in concert album which was fantastic, later that week the silver scroll winnner was announced (Neil Finn Turn and Run from One Nil) at that same award it was announced that the top 30 NZ songs of all time was announced sometime later the 2 cd set was released into stores.
New Years Eve 2001 rolls round aand to welcome in the New Year Television 1 shows Neil Finn and friends 7 Worlds Collide which I watch whole way through to the New Year and decide my New years resolution for that year would be to support/buy more kiwi music and to be more opened about more obcure NZ music(I would later discover flying nun records/the dunedin scenethanks to a documentry called heavenly pop hits the flying nun story) anyway 2002 was a big year of discovery and rediscovery including rediscovering NZ Music month .
By the end of the year my collection had jumped in size with alot of gems from crowded house to the chills, Jan Hellriegel and The Mutton Birds.
Now lets jump a few years to 2004 when the chills release an EP called Stand By now I was thrashing this album for days on end and wanted to tell people how great it was (so great in fact I bought 4 copies)Anyway cycling to town one day I started making notes in my mind which I wrote down on a piece of paper.
I showed it someone I knew who knew someone putting together a small free independant magazine and it got printed and then began my 1st taste of journalism I started writing more pieces for the magazine but it slowly dissappeared from radar leaving me with work not getting read I then realised I had enough work at that time to put together my own magazine. It was originally to be a physical edition but in 2007 after an interview with Opshop they suggested it would be a good idea to have a website for the magazine so I toyed with the idea then in December of that year I found a place to put it up but 6 months in the site had problems and lost all my work so I went out looking for a more reliable host( and so for the time being you are up to date on the story of songlines across new zealand ( I will get into the story behind the name at a later date)

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