Songlines Across New Zealand
  For The Love Of New Zealand

Now this compilation Idea was created to sell as a valentines day thing but never quite saw the light of day as you will have read on the title page of this section
Here is the full list from the time of songs

My Only Friend                                           Chris Knox
Not Given Lightly                                        Chris Knox
I'll Say Goodbye (even though i'm blue) Dance Exponents
Why Does Love Do This To Me                The Exponents
Who Loves Who The Most                         The Exponents
Sink Like A Stone                             The Exponents (Not Exactly Sure About This One)
Whaling                                                           DD Smash
Slice Of Heaven                                             Dave Dobbyn
You Oughta Be In Love                                 Dave Dobbyn
Loyal                                                                 Dave Dobbyn
Language                                                        Dave Dobbyn
Hanging In The Wire                                     Dave Dobbyn
Beside You                                                     Dave Dobbyn
Backround Love                                            Dave Dobbyn
Naked Flame                                                Dave Dobbyn
Hopetown Bridge                                         Dave Dobbyn
It's Only Natural                                           Crowded House
Fall At Your Feet                                          Crowded House
All I Ask                                                         Crowded House
As Sure As I Am                                          Crowded House
She Goes On                                              Crowded House
Something So Strong                               Crowded House
Sweet Lovers                                             Holiday Makers
Forever Tuesday Morning                       The Mockers
Under Water Mountain                                  Tim Finn
Good Together                                                Tim Finn
Persuasion                                                      Tim Finn
How Am I Gonna Sleep                               Tim Finn
Angels Heap                                                Neil Finn/Tim Finn
Good Morning Baby                                   Bic Runga (with Dan Wilson)
Sway                                                                  Bic Runga
Something Good                                            Bic Runga
Precious Things                                               Bic Runga
Drive                                                                    Bic Runga
See What Love Can Do                                Annie Crummer
Cut To The Chase                                           Greg Johnson
Liberty                                                                  Greg Johnson
Don't Wait Another Day                                     Greg Johnson
Wellington                                                          The Mutton Birds
Pulled Along By Love                                       The Mutton Birds
While You Sleep                                               The Mutton Birds
Anchor Me                                                          The Mutton Birds
Message To My Girl                                              Split Enz
Stuff And Nonsense                                              Split Enz
One And Only                                                       Deep Obsession
A Lifetime Left To Wait                                          K'Lee
Anytime Soon                                                         Marshmallow/Alan Gregg
Let Me Love You Like There's No Tomorrow    Marshmallow/Alan Gregg
Down In Splendour                                                Straitjacket Fits
Slippin' Away                                                           Max Merritt and the Meteors
Till We Kissed                                                        Ray Columbus
Wet Blanket                                                             The Chills
Falling In Love Again                                             Anika Moa
Thanks To You                                                        Mr Lee Grant
Heart And Soul                                                       The Narcs
Venus                                                                      The Feelers
Yesterday Was Just The Beginning Of My Life  Mark Willams
Always On My Mind                                                 Tikki Taane 
Thinking About You                                                  House Of Shem
Join The Two                                                           Ddub
So True                                                                    The Black Seeds

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