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2014 Movie Michaelangelo Review

When I saw the first pictures of the Turtles from the new movie I had wondered how the toys were going to turn out then pictures of the toys started surfacing and I had a mixed response of saying they look ok but looks could be decieving and they could end up being terrible well today I got my hands on the Michaelangelo figure from this line I was surprised to find how good this toys is and look. Overall the pictures on the net do not do them justice.
The figure is about the same size or even a bit taller than the nicktoons tmnt figures althought Michaelangelo is the smallest of his brothers in the line. Thew new movie design translates very well into action figure form a couple of odd things to note is Mikey has a hoody tied around his waist, is wearing pants and sneakers with his toes pointing out from them. a couple of negative points are we only get one normal nunchuk weapon along with what looks like a triple nunchuk second negative point he has no storage for the Nunchuks on his belt. Overall though these figures are ver nicely produced.

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