Songlines Across New Zealand
  Dave Dobbyn Harmony House

This album is like a house full of harmonies we have been waiting too long for (8 years since Anotherland) and now the wait is over the Harmonies have been unlocked and released from the house

you may expect this to be a fully laden pop album but there is a nice twist halfway through the album where the songs change pace/tempo and  take on a mind of their own.

Dave certainly bears his soul through these songs  this is certainly an album we have been waiting too long for.

From the opening vocals to the final chord on this album is great Dave never disappoints and gives it his all let's hope it is not another 8 years between albums

I usually pick a few songs to note but this time round it is a hard choice to list just a few tracks instead I say all of it is a standout choice but I must say Burning love is a nice delicate track and in true spirit there is a weather song included

From my research as well this album marks Dave's 40th anniversary doing music and goes on to prove why he is such a staple in the New Zealand music industry.

There is a great line up  of musicianship on the album from the likes of Samuel Flynn Scott Luke Buda Ross Burge to name a couple.

Overall this album is like a wonderous door has been opened and these magnificant tracks were discovered


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