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  U2 Songs Of Innocence
It has been five years since No line on the horizon was released and now the 13th U2 album entitled Songs Of Innocence has now appeared over the horizon.
This album still carries the essence, heart, soul and energy that is and has always been U2 and is their most original yet somehow most true to their original 79 to 83 sounds.
The songs on this album have a grounded more earthier feel along with having a fantastic lyrical and melodic value with a touch of intensity that evoke emotional waves. My picks are The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone), Every Breaking Wave, California (there is no end to love) song for someone, Volcano. 
On top of the main album the deluxe edition includes a couple of extra tracks that did not make it on to the album along with alternate mixes of a couple of songs from the album (after the alternative mix of Sleep Like A Baby ends fast foward to the 6.20 mark where another previously free release appears entitled Invisible) along with a stunning stripped back acoustic set of tracks from the album. It is certainly a Beautiful Day when these guys release an album and this album will take it's place among their best albums.
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