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  Daffodil's movie and soundtrack review

Daffofils movie review

Daffodils is NZ musical romance based on a true story

In a time where the movies are saturated with super hero and comic book films this film is a nice fresh change of pace. The story starts off with A singer by the name of Maisie (Played by Kimbra) rush off from her fathers hospital bed to perform at a gig but as she is performing she has the story her father had just told her swimming in her head, the story of how her mother (played by Rose Mciver of Izombie) and father(played by George Mason of Home and Away) met, fell in love and how it ended (being told through Maisies eyes) film starts off in 1966 in Hamilton and runs through to the 80s )The songs help drive the storylines and by the end of the film you will have the songs swirling around in your head and humming them as you leave the theatre

NZs answer to mama mia  

Daffodils soundtrack Where most movie soundtracks these days are just cut and paste of top chart songs this soundtrack stands out from the crowd what makes this soundtrack  completely different is that the cast of the film perform their own imagings on songs that have helped shape the NZ music scene of the songs in the film all kiwi tracks ranging from anchor me,Bliss,no depression in NZ with songs written specifically for the film by LIPS, Rose Mciver and George Mason do a wonderful job putting their own touch on such iconic songs that stick with you.

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