Songlines Across New Zealand
  Shihad: Beautiful Machine

This is one music doco/film you should not wait to see.
This movie details the band from its early beginnings to where they are at in present day.
It details the highs, the lows the funny and not so funny moments of this great Kiwi rock band who are true kiwi music icons.
This film/doco is an autobiography (aswell as an emotional rollercoaster) chronicling the bands 24 year history in the music scene. Overall this doco/movie shows why Shihad is one of the great mainstays of the NZ rock scene.
I felt like I got to know the band nay the family (I now consider the band as a family entity) through this documentary we got to hear  about some of the pitfalls of touring when there are relationships involved, stories behind some of their songs,it opens your eyes to how much this band has gone through and how one joke can ruin opportunities. 

This movie is just too good to miss out on seeing.

I give it 5 out of 5

(Addition to the review to those who have not seen this movie who go out to the shows and buy the cds there is sooo much more to the band then what we see and hear as mentioned in the review there are high points and low points.)

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