Songlines Across New Zealand
  The Sun Came Out Review

This documentary movie gives us an intimate and unique look into the making of a great album. This documentary style movie takes us behind the scenes of how the album of the same name under the other title of seven worlds collide. The seeds of a project began near Piha and what blossomed from this group of musicians was a 2cd album choc full of 24 fantastic songs with all proceeds going to Oxfam. words cannot describe how fantastic the music and the songs that came out of this project are.Overall this film is 90 minutes long. We see the outcome of a songs chorus after Neil has had a few drinks, Johnny Marr going on a rant about cucumbers, we find out that musicians love talking about G strings (not the underwear) and shark autopsies (all will be explained in the doco) I say all this and more is well worth the price of admission.
This is one film that exceeded my expectations which were pretty high to begin with. For a rating I give it 5 stars (ratings are a five star system Five being tops and 1 bein low grade)

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