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Now today is the birthday of one of New Zealands favourite Musical sons Dave Dobbyn so we took to the street to ask a few questions to the public

1What would you consider Dave Dobbyns signature song is
2What is your favourite Dave Dobbyn album
3What is your favourite
 Dave Dobbyn music video
4What is your favourite Dave Dobbyn song

Mike Chunn (Split Enz EX Bass Player,previous head of APRA, Head of Play it strange)
1 Loyal
2 The Islander
3 I dont know enough of them but Loyal is excellant
4 Beside You

Michael Glading (EX Head of sony music now CEO, NZ Football)
1 Loyal
2 Twist
3 Slice Of Heaven
4 Blindmans Bend

Petrina George (Manager-Member services APRA|AMCOS)
1 Loyal
2 Twist (Album with Language on it)
3 Welcome Home
4 Beside You and Oughta Be In Love

Jayden Fass (Tracs Staff member)
1 Loyal
2 Overnight success
3 Slice Of Heaven
4 Whaling

Rock Shop Staff Member
1 Outlook For Thursday
2 Cool Bananas (DD Smash)
3 Outlook For Thursday
4 Solo (DD Smash song from Cool Bananas

Jims Music Room Staff Member
1 Outlook For Thursday
2 Anotherland
3 Too many to chose from
4 Outlook For Thursday

Noel Beasley (Kaimai Cowboys)
1 Slice Of Heaven
2 Loyal
3 Loyal
4 Slice Of Heaven

Jenna Morriss (Whitcoulls Staff Member)
1 Slice Of Heaven
2 Overnight Success
3 You Oughta Be In Love (Footrot Flats)
4 You Oughta Be In Love

P Money
1. Loyal
2. sorry but Ive never owned one!:(
3. Slice of Heaven
4. It's a song by Mike Harvey that Dave sings on called "We'd Like To Know".

Lauren Mitchell (L.A Mitchell)
1 Signature song: for me it's the rattley blues ones blind mans bend and bell tower and lap of the gods
2 Album definitely available light for outrageous design and And you will lose everything
3 Vid for a giggle is outlook for Thursday in earnest welcome home

4 My favorite song is And you will lose everything. But that's not an easy decision to make its the one that makes me cry and I always think songs that make you cry are speaking to you the loudest.

The Dukes
1. loyal- people go into a zombiefied state and stare, cry, hold their hands up, longingly gaze into partner's eyes, sing along outtatune - it's magic what he do
2. available light - produced by david long in w...elli, just real
3. hands down loyal, simply because of the sartorial elegance of that patterned jersey
4. be mine tonight - from back in '76, pants were tight and the guitar solo in this is our sweet child of mine

John Dix (Author of Standed In Paradise
2. Lament For The Numb
3. I'm not a video man ... no opinion ...
4. Belltower

Matthew Bannister (Sneaky Feelings, Dribbling Darts Of Love, The Weather< The Changing Same)
1 Slice of Heaven
2 Hopetown
3 mmm… Welcome Home?
4 Love You Like I Should

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