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  Who Loves The Exponents The Most
Prime is only 17 hours away as of writing this from airing the rockumentary Prime Rocks:The Exponents story so we here at SANZ decided to ask around some questions revolving around their music here are the questions 

1What would you consider to be Dance Exponents/Exponents Iconic/signature song 
2What is your favourite/The most memorable Dance Exponents/Exponents album 
3What is your favourite/The most memorable Dance Exponents/Exponents music video
4What is your favourite/The most memorable Dance Exponents/Exponents song 
5 in your opinion what do you think makes the music of this great band stand the test of time/stand out

Simon Sweetman (Authour of On Song and writer at Blog On The Tracks
1. Victoria is the song - that's the first single, it's what put them on the map. That said I love a lot of the early Dance Exponents songs, Your Best Friend Loves Me Too, Know Your Own Heart, Airway Spies - all awesome
2 The first album, Peace, wonderful. 
3 I remember laughing at - in a good way - the video for I'll Say Goodbye and I love the video for Victoria. 
4 as per answer 1 really 
5 The songs of Jordan Luck are the key; really great songwriter.

Todd Hunter from the NZ Band Dragon (this is the discussion with SANZ and Todd
Todd: My fave DE song is Victoria, I've always loved that song.
I think they are still around because their songs have a good melodic structure and they have become part of the kiwi psyche plus Jordy is a deadset fkn kiwi icon

SANZ: I completely agree there 
Whatever Happened To Tracey was the first ever cassingle I ever purchased with money I had saved up

Todd: that is my 2nd fave 
was great to play on the same shows as jordan a couple of years back
he is a good egg

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