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  NZ Music Month 2023 Lyrics Quiz

For NZ Music Month  2023 I have put together a fun little quiz name the song/artist and see how many you can get out of 100  (there could be clues on twitter/Facebook this coming NZMM stay tuned) at the end of the month I will post the answers (best idea to keep track of your answers is set up a word or google doc and list your answers there so you can compare when I release the answers)

1 But its getting better now he found it in him to forgive he walked the city and he found a place to live

2 Cos if you want it bad enough you'll grow some balls and man it up and if she's worth the time of day she is worth the fight

3 You can't have what's yours what's not mine,You can't have everything in sight, and knowing this i know, everything about you

4 Pay to pray spiritual transactions I'll send you the verses reward your loyalty friends will say your walking so much taller  

5 We can never know Where the high way goes Gotta stop thinking ahead And start living instead

6 I want to make this perfectly clear It's not something that you will hear It's something you will feel 

7 working on a syllable yeah you know you are beautiful keep me operational take me along on your best friends ride 

8 I gotta roll because I got a feeling I gotta keep the sound of the underground reeling And I'm out like bell-bottom trousers Pretty funky, chunky, dropping beats by the hour

9 You got me convinced again Playful gossip don't hurt But out in the daylight it's a harsh light to get caught in  Lie to me I listen even though I know you're bad for me

10 I thought I could hear you now Maybe I should have hung around But my head got the best of me Still I never could believe 

11 what defines you now and my memory is quite forgiving and the stories of our past can be quite forgotten 

12 now there are people I can feel a lil love comes from to turn my back would be doing myself wrong the pain drips through it twists into a song 

13 today would be as lonely as it seems if i were but an ordinary moment in your dream

14 I should have made it clear There's no one else for me You won't be alone when I get to you

I shouldn't walk away when there's so much to say

15 I just want you to know i'm still thinking of you even though im a few miles away cos everyone feels the same about you don’t say you don’t care about

16 International fame would never beckon as the days curve away to a wondering goodbye

17  theres rattling in the ceiling you think it tapping at the window its me outside are you coming out or am I coming in  its me outside are you coming out or am I coming in

18 The pepsi kids are tucking down they look so sick everyone watch them try it on for size and try to leave it all behind them

19 But everybody's talking 'bout ya Girl I don't know what we're gonna do They've written on all the bus stop windows Caught you on video They've got some new names for you

20 Somebody asks you what you been through You pretend you can't hear them, you're mistaken But when did you last say, "Have a good day" Or when did you last think you deserved something

21 And the sea was quite lumpy, and the weather was foul And the bloke with the map was as pissed as an owl And the boys called out "Maui, ya clown, let it go"

22 im on facebook at a big party on instagram take a quick selfie places to go and people to tweet

23 ohhh communication lines have crossed between us again no one seems to solve the problem no one seems to hold the same view

24 theres nothing new under the sun its all been done another song gets sung ive got this hope its an achor for my soul

25 It’s just a matter of time before you are mine before you are in my arms again it's just a matter of time before you are mine 

26 Washdyke Temuka Dunsandel Rolleston Templeton Hornby Rakaia I've been thinking about leaving this town Saying goodbye to Caroline Bay Since you left me how can I be happy here

27 That’s not the way the story should end not everyday your lover leaves you like a friend stuck on believing every feeling won't be betrayed 

28 The more of life I live I find It's in the peace of a quiet Voice in my heart A simple truth of love that Can easily be ignored

29 I know that smile you wear is waiting for the end I see you sitting in the dark scared But I know you never really fight fair

30 but sigh all you like and fall to the ground your as high as a kite and getting me down getting me down getting me down getting me down

31 I dont know if i am walking blind Take the blindfold from my eyes so that I can see you so that i can see you

32 You can tell when your days are all the same cos you wake up just to go to sleep again and all the coffee that you drink and think about doesnt help you feel that you're  falling out 

33 Yaaa Yaaa Yaaa Yaaa Yaaa Yaaa Yaaa Yaaa Yaaa

34 And if it works ill be amazed if it lasts till saturday saturday dont be surprised if I look into your sunday morning eyes

35 Put your clock back for the winter she asked when ill be

36 Take a typical man put him With a typical woman then Sit back and watch everything slide It's a perfectly natural Expression of ill will but When will hostilities subside?

37   He scratched his head, clicked his pen and looked me up and down as he called for Security he leaned towards me slowly with a frown and said

38 You don't know what you've got Until your world has gone This is why our love is strong Girl, you got me singing with some melody

39 I'm tired of the city life Summer's on the run People tell me I should stay But I've got to get my fun

40 I don’t know why sometimes I get frightened you can see my eyes you can tell that im not lying

41 I'm a lover I'm a winner I'm a fighter Gonna set your soul on fire. I'm a lover

42 That if we run Mama wouldn't let us fall And if we go Won't you take me down the river lay me on your shore, tell me dreams my love, oh

43 Do you know what the time is is it messing with your mind kid are you hurting all the time and you need a

44 Don't wanna give you up Should I scream to make you hold my hand? I wonder how I'm gonna hold myself

45  Making up with an i.o.u. Could have circumvent From a passerby point of view What's a carnivore spose to do

46 My baby, my baby Don't you want me anymore My baby, my baby Don't you need me anymore

47 guess I'm running back To you, you in my brain you in my heart; you in my brain you in my heart Long wind jammers sailing on the oceans The cold breeze blowing yeah go to sea man some don't come back

48 Keeping you on my greeting card file. And if it were different - did you know it ain't? Let's get on with it love...And call me

49 And I'm growing in stages and have been for ages Just singing, and floating - and free dum de dum dum dum de dum dum

50 Run me off this road Crash right off the bridge We've only got one life to live! Before we get too old

51 Jump into the chevy headed for big lights want to know the rest hey

52 The world is wicked And I'm just too weak to ever want to Prey for the best But prepare for the rest

53 La da de de there aint no place I’d rather be

54  in the pink when you let me love you I was blue when you let me down black and blue)

55 Case 1352 A red and green tattoo Eyes cold steel blue

56 It might be good to tell the boss that I don't give a toss and to stick his lame-arse job But I'm not sure that I can

57 Rule without remedy To watch your family die The world loves a sacrifice Prophets longing for the three Honoring the tragedy The hunger for the crime

58 Still hanging on (For what) Can't operate (Fired up) I won't eat and I won't sleep for you, yeah No rest till I (Get Through) 'Cause I'm holding out (For you) Am I the only one who's insane

59 She'll tug on my imagination I wait for an indication Systematic smiles with it She's just so sweet so fine So polite too

60 It doesn't seem right To look you in the eye And let all the things you mean to me Come tumbling out my mouth

61 You scream in silence but I can hear you

62 Every night's a night like this Every time that we draw close Every time a perfect miss

63 She's up in time to watch the soap opera Reads Cosmopolitan and Alvin Toffler Meeting in the places that she's never been to She's got a mind, but it's the clothes they see through

64 But every song's like Gold teeth, Grey Goose, trippin' in the bathroom Bloodstains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room We don't care We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams

65 And behind me on the long Highway Lies all that I've forsaken Cool river, flow I am bound to where ever You go 

66 Asian cigarettes A long talk A few cans If you can Be my bare skinned baby We're in for a long night a strong night You Look what you've done to me You lit me You bit me I'm rapt Oh

67 Cause it's you that I love And it's true that I love and It's love

68 we had democracy dentistry waistband elastic rhythmic gymnastics the rule of law the rule of thumb the fire the wheel rugby union the petrol engine old age  pension the fires of hades the briscoes lady dental floss motor cross the quran the torah interflora

69 what am i going to do i need some thoughts that are new dodododododododododododododo dedededededededededede

70 Full fathom five Some day I'll lie Singing songs that come from dead men's tongues

71 There's a small boat made of china Going nowhere on the mantelpiece Do I lie like a loungeroom lizard Or do I sing like a bird released everywhere you go

72 They've been swimming in the wrong water Now they're pulling me down But I am clinging to you, never letting go 'cause I know that you'll lift me out

73 I can't offer you the future; I don't know it myself All I can offer you is me I'm all I can offer you right now

74 well you tell me some of your secrets but cant land me somthing that solid well you tell me stories of early but never call me when your flying

75 You're just too too obscure for me Oh you don't really get through to me And there's no need for you to talk that way Is there any less pessimistic things to say?

76 Beautiful children have come into my life Beautiful people, oh young and bright Beautiful children, longing for life Worldly people, take away the night

77 Elusive as a thief in the night, she's stealing away She rides the wind, she burn, burns Yeah she rides the wind, she burn, burns

78 I want to stop my crying But she's lying there dying How can I live when you see what I've done?

79 Jackie came, she went away Deep in the valley I kissed her that day but It seems I'm thinkin' of you But I'm still thinkin' about myself

80 Sometimes days seem to move just like a big fat man Sometimes days seem to end up where they first began I've got my T.V tuned to channel "you" Because there's nothing else that I can do

81 Here I'm stuck on an island And I couldn't care less If you can't get on with each other This is a mess

82 How comes i got cyclops fish in my water, A Nation of Pacific lambs to the slaughter three Eyes for my son and an extra foot for my daughter,

83 I wasn't thinking Wasn't looking Til I met you I had no reason I was out of season When I met you  Well don't you know that I can't see the end I promised myself it wasn't gonna happen again

84 Is it you or is it me? Lately I've been lost it seems. I think a change is what I need. If I'm looking for a chance or to dream

85 i'm living on the edge of a sword and it feels so good I know that ill fall off I know ill lose you

86 the high so high but the low so low the mind is bright but the bodies slow

87 He’s fat and he don’t run too fast But he’s faster than me Last night at the show we saw him Going out of his tree

88 You're back again but I'm so sorry, it's too late You've got behind, you're somewhere back in '58 I guess it goes to show how wrong a girl can be I'm standing right in front of you you can't see me

89  look around you at all of the wasted at all the food that nobodies tasted this tired old world got to change direction or everybody have to seek protection

90 Oh starry eyes am I Knowing that when I try To forget you Love brings me out of my shell

91 I'm programmed to a schedule What will the answer be? Is it suicide run 'til the work gets done 'Cause the matrix grid don't say?

92 And you know I'll come running to you If you want me, if you want me to Yes you know I'll come running to you

93 And save your face of changing color And your smile of fading color Cause you'll never know another Who will give you ever after And you shouldn't have to say goodbye And wonder if this way is how It's going to be

94 Now you know me recognise me You don't need to see inside me I'm the fool who has your heart

95 Now, you said it was yesterday, yesterday's another day Had a lot of make believe, I don't know if it's you or If it's me oh, I don't know, I don't know

96 Get yourself into a better place and lift your life Hold your head up high and don't rely on anyone else Make it easier on yourself and don't ask why

97 And is there space for every boy and girl in a competitive, material world I guess we'll have to

98 There's a boy in every town, No wonder I get around, I'm seeing me for the first time. I've paid in full for the year, Walked through walls like they're not there,

99 da da da da da da da da da da hey i got alot of faith in ya ill stick with you kid thats the bottom line

100 There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost But you'll never see the end of the road While you're traveling with me

Bonus  Let love flow through your soul, Let it in, Let it in Look into your heart, come on play your part Lets begin.
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