Songlines Across New Zealand
  years ago in an Auckland flat this odyssey began

 I thought to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of Split Enzs first gig (10 december 1972) I would get out and about and ask people their thoughts on this great NZ band and here are the questions with the results 

1What would you consider to be Split Enzs signature song
2What is your favourite/The most memorable Split Enz album
3What is your favourite/The most memorable Split Enz music video
4What is your favourite/The most memorable Split Enz song

John Anderson(me)Owner of SANZ Magazine
1 Hmm probably I see Red or Six Months
2 True Colours (as I have the ltd ed laser etched vynal)
3 Bold As Brass (it was the first Enz video I ever saw)
4 I See Red and Six Months In A Leaky Boat

Steffan Braunias Drummer from Barebones and Cabaret
1 I got you
2 Time and Tide
3 I Walk Away
4 I walk Away, Hello Sandy Allen,Message to my girl

Mike Chunn (Split Enz EX Bass Player,previous head of APRA, Head of Play it strange)
1 The public seem to hold "I Got You" and "Six Months" as the signature tunes.
2 I think Time and Tide is very very good.
3 Bold as Brass
4 Spellbound   -  Judd era, Stuff and Nonsense - post Judd

Jan Hellriegel (musician)
1. I see Red
2. True Colours
3. I see Red
4. I hope I never

Hamish Mckenzie ( Guitarist from Not Phased)
1. I See Red
2. True Colours
3. I Hope I Never (Tim is so emotional in it)
4. Without A Doubt/I Hope I Never
the favourites change all the time!

Bruce Conlon (Vocalist from Eight now Solo)
1.Six months in a leaky boat, hear it all the time in London...
2.True colours
3.I got you, new wave genius
4.I see red (I played it at high school assembly

 John Dix (Author of Stranded In Paradise)
1. Six Months in a Leaky Boat
2. Dizrythmia
3. Have to admit I'm not a big video fan so can't really answer that one
4. Ah . . . probably stuff and nonsense



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