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  Gotta Hear Em All

This article has been a very long time coming and is only seeing the light of an article now as the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise is almost upon us (27th February 1996 is when the original Red/Green came out in Japan )

with the anniversary of pokemon coming my music mag is focusing on the music connections from the franchise

First up in the spotlight is a musician (as well as a talented voice actor) by the name of Eric Stuart check out these 2 fantastic tracks  and this track for those of you who have not already looked up Erics connection to the franchise he was one of the Voice Actors in the role of Brock/james/wheezing and Brock's Onyx he also performed on a couple of the soundtracks for the series as his respective characters.

Next on the list of musicians that have caught my attention through the pokemon tv series/movie series is a singer/songwriter by the name of Erin Bowman the first time I heard one of her songs was the ending credits to the pokemon film Zoroark: Master of Illusions here track entitled I Believe In You she also performed the opening track Battle Cry for the Diamond And Pearl Galactic Battles season  along with the opening intro for the pokemon Black and White season and the movie of the same title . Away from the Pokemon franchise Erin has recorded an advertising piece for Mcdonalds entitled Keep Me Warm (you can catch an acoustic performance here along with the campaign Erin has had some great radio singles my two picks are Hey Summer (the video is now private so here is the lyric video and here new single Drool (it is a little different to her prior single but still catchy) (This is an alternate link as the original is private )

Next up was a musician whose song closed the film Destiny Deoxys her name Bree Sharp and the song called This Side Of Paradise my first discovery of Bree’s work away from the series was in the form of a book signing where she performed a song she had written about the author vid can be seen here  after seeing that video I tracked down the original version (video done by one of the directors of X Files) the song was recently re recorded to celebrate the new season of the show .

The final artist I would like to mention performed the ending song to Genesect & The Legend Awakened her name Jess Domain the track We’re Coming Home  check out the story behind the song  and check out Jess live in the studio performing You Got The Love . The one big mention that has to be mentioned is Jason paige who performed the original theme song in the series and recently re recorded the track  he has also recorded what I now consider the official theme  to pokemon go
So in closing on this article pay attention to those movie credits and TV themes you never know what might be hiding in plain sight.

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