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  Lego Simpsons series 2
Leog have followed up their widly popular Simpsons mini figure line with a second series line of characters from the hugely popular cult TV series

A handful of the new characters to this line of figures also made an onscreen appearance in The Simpsons lego special A Brick Like Me
Grounds Keeper Willie, Comic Book Guy and Martin Prince

Here is a list of the characters and how many there are in box

1) x Homer In Sunday Best
2) x Marge in Sunday Best
3) x Lisa with Snowball II
4) x Maggie with Santas Little Helper
5) x Bartman
6) x Fallout Boy
7) x Comic Book Guy
8) x Martin Prince
9) x Professor Frink
10) x Hans Moleman
11) x Patty Bouvier
12) x Selma Bouvier
13) x Grounds Keeper Willie
14) x Mrs Krabappel
15) x Waylon Smithers Jr
16) x Julius Hibbert
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