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  Lego Simpsons series 1
This is a Two part review.

Part One Simpsons lego min figure review

Here we have it tvs favourite dysfuctional animated family have been given brick form.
There are 16 figures overall in this series you can find the contents of one box of this series laid out at the bottomg of part 1
This Iconic TV Family is a great addition to the Lego Brand/Family Each figure resembles their on screen image and each comes with an item or 2 that are iconic to the character themselves eg lisa has her saxafone Bart has his skateboard, Apu has a squishi ans Mr Burns has the 3 eyed fish This series has to be one of the most anticipated sets people have been waiting for since it was voted for on Lego Cusso (there is still the Iconic simpsons hous on the way)

1) 5 x Homer Simpson 
2) 5 x Bart Simpson 
3) 5 x Marge Simpson 
4) 4 x Lisa Simpson 
5) 4 x Maggie Simpson
 6) 3 x Abe Simpson 
7) 4 x Ned Flanders 
8) 4 x Krusty the Clown 
9) 3 x Milhouse Van Houten 
10) 3 x Ralph Wiggum 
11) 3 x Apu 
12) 3 x Nelson Muntz 
13) 4 x Itchy 
14) 4 x Scratchy 
15) 3 x Chief Wiggum 
16) 3 x Mr Burns
Here is a cheat guide to feeling out the characters aswell 

1) Homer Simpson Homer can easily be identified by feeling for his small round doughnut or his TV remote control (a 1x2 tile). He is the only character with either of these components, which makes him easy to identify. 
2) Bart Simpson With Bart the easiest thing to spot is his skateboard, which is large and hard to miss. The two studs on the topside of the skateboard also make it easy to confirm what it is. It is worth noting that sometimes the wheels of the skateboard will be attached to the skateboard and sometimes they will be loose. So if you find a dumbbell shaped object, you may well have a loose skateboard wheel. 
3) Marge Simpson Marge can be easily identified by her hair, which is a large cylinder and can be quickly located in the blind bag. 
4) Lisa Simpson Lisa's key identifying feature is her saxophone, which is long and thin with a distinctive bend that means it can be easily distinguished from Nelsons baseball bat or Mr. Burns' green rod. If in doubt, check for Lisa's legs, which unlike Mr. Burns', do not bend. It is worth noting that Scratchy has a long thin bendy tail which could be confused with the saxophone, so it is worth while checking for Lisa's short legs, just to be sure. 
5) Maggie Simpson Maggie has two distinguishing features to enable her to be identified. Firstly feel for her teddy bear, which can be identified by its arms. Maggie is also distinctive as her torso and legs are a single piece, unlike all of the other characters who have separate torso and leg sections. 
6) Abe Simpson Abe is one of the harder characters to identify as his only accessory is a 2x2 tile, which 3 other characters also have. So if you find his 2x2 tile (his newspaper), then feel for his legs (which bend unlike Ralph's and Milhouse's, so they can be eliminated). So now you need to work out if it is Abe of Marge. Marge's long cylindrical hair is easy to identify, so if this is not present you have Abe! Abe's head is cone shaped, so you can also try to feel for this just to be sure. 
7) Ned Flanders Ned can be found rather quickly by feeling for his tool box, which is essentially a 1x3 brick with the handle on the top. His cup is also distinctive, which has a handle, unlike Apu's cup. 
8) Krusty the Clown When looking for Krusty, the best tactic is to feel for his head. His head is a relatively large piece and his pointy hair that sticks out at the sides makes it easy to identify. Krusty's round custard pie is also a useful piece to help you confirm his identity. 
9) Milhouse Van Houten & 10) Ralph Wiggum Milhouse and Ralph can be rather tricky to distinguish from each other. Both of these characters have a 2x2 tile and both have children’s (inflexible) legs. So once you find a 2x2 tile and then find legs that do not bend (so you are sure that you have a child and not Abe or Marge), you are left having to feel the head to work out if you have Milhouse or Ralph. Ralph's head is rather round with a flat top, as opposed to Milhouse's, which is more elongated and has some bumps (his quiff). So careful feeling of the heads is the only way forward! Good Luck! 
11) Apu Apu is nice and easy to find, just feel for his cup. Just be careful to ensure it has no handle however, else you have Ned! 
12) Nelson Muntz The key to finding Nelson is looking for his long thin baseball bat, just ensure it has no head, otherwise you may have Scratchy's axe. Once you have this, just checking for his short legs will ensure that you have the right guy. 
13) Itchy Itchy's bulbous club which has a thin handle is a good way to identify him. His large round ears are also relatively easy to locate, making him fairly simple to identify. 
14) Scratchy Scratchy's main feature is his axe, which has a long thin handle and a flat head. If you find this and want further confirmation, then check for his head, which has sharp pointed ears. Scratchy also has a thin bendy tail, which can sometimes be confused with Lisa's saxophone. 
15) Chief Wiggum The Chief's night stick and his loud hailer are a dead give away. His night stick is short and stubby and the handle can be easily felt. Further to this, his cylindrical loud hailer with its 90 degree handle is also easy to locate. 
16) Mr. Burns Monty has a fish bowl which is the same size and shape as a regular Lego minifigure head, so this is simple to identify. To confirm you have the right character it is also worthwhile looking for his nuclear rod, which is a long thin cylinder
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