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  The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 1 Clown In The Dumps
Now this episode was as much as anticipated as my previously reviewed episode Brick Like Me (the lego themed episode) but this episode failed to deliver despite the hype.
It was announced a year ago that a main character would be killed off  this character was not as main as you would expect in fact this character has only ever been seen in 12 episodes overall in the series (including the Simpsons Movie)
(minor spoiler the fact is the character that died is only a support character to a recurring character) 
In my opinion this episode was hyped to much with promise of the death of a main character andWhen you say main character people expect a core character or core supporting character not a support character to a core supporting character. Although on reflection it does show how valuable the supporting character is by killing off one of his own family members and make a story out of it.
I was overly disapointed with this episode overall but on a deeper level it was about time we focused outside of the core cast (despite it being called the simpsons) 3 and a half out of 5
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