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  Transformers Age Of Extinction theories
just running some thoughts on TF 4 AOE one thing I have noticed is all past tf films stories are copy and pastes of what has already been seen in tf lore eg tf 2 the fallen was part of the War Within story line tf 3 soo much in that film was borrowed like the autobots ending up on a spacecraft and the decpticons betraying the humans. The wreckers are from the comics, cybertron being pulled into earths atmosphere happened in g1 so in tf 4 my biggest theory is Galvatron is going to be a man made tf (from left over megatron parts) and most likely a puppet of the government ( we see in tf prime that a secret agency called mech is trying to create/control a tf, also in the 86 film when megs was reformatted into galvatron he became a puppet to unicron unicron pulled strings. as for the dinobot element could be interesting to see if any elements from the toons come out to the light or even the comics like the ation series.Grimlock theory is he is found during a dig (like in the infiltration comic series) now one thing we do know is lockdown is a decepticon bounty hunter in this film funnily enough he was in the 2007 tf animated series he was a nemesis to ratchet in the series.

here are easy to find episode references for what I am talking about 

(Dinobots first appearance)S.O.S._Dinobots
(Megatron Brings Cybertron into earths orbit) The Ultimate Doom parts 1,2,3 and following episode Countdown To Extinction
Decepticons turn humans against Autobots, Autobots leave earth only for decepticons to turn on the humans Megatrons Master Plan Part 1 and 2
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