Songlines Across New Zealand
  David Kilgour(The Clean)(conducted by email 28-12-08)
SANZ: Out of the Flying Nun bands which one stood out/been you favourite
DK: Im really unsure. Too many to pick from!
SANZ: Which song would have been one that stood out/been your favourite
DK:Russian Rug by Bill Direen & the Builders
SANZ: Which music video would have stood out
DK:Generally speaking Im not a fan of music videos
SANZ: Out of all the Clean songs which would have been your favourite
DK:Can't answer that one either!
SANZ: Out of all of the Clean releases which would have been your favourite
SANZ: Out of all the videos you did which one would have been your 
favourite/most fun to do
DK:Tally ho, cause it was the first
SANZ: Do you have a least favourite
SANZ: Now how did The name The clean get chosen as the band name
DK:From a character out of an old Gidget type 60s surf movie. There was a skinhead/biker dude called Mr Clean.
SANZ: Did it feel strange going solo after you had been in the clean
SANZ: Would you consider yourself a One of the many legends in the NZ music scene
SANZ: What would you prefer to do work and record in a studio or perform live
DK:Not sure, depends on the situation
SANZ: what would you say is the best thing about performing live
DK:The money.
SANZ: Do you feel NZ music is stronger now then when you first started out
DK:I have no idea.
SANZ: what are your thoughts on the nz music scene now compared to when you started out
SANZ: If you had to choose a song from the early Dunedin sound to represent the Dunedin sound what would it be
DK:I wouldnt.
SANZ: What made the Dunedin sound different to what came from the rest of NZ
DK:It came from Dunedin!....ha!....but seriously, we wrote better music! ha!
SANZ: What been the most memorable moment in your music career
DK:Learning E major and or D major.
SANZ: is there a moment you'd like to forget about and can you tell us about it
DK:I forget!
SANZ: If you had a chance to go back in time and repeat your musical career over again would you take that chance
DK:I dont like repeating
SANZ: would you do anything differently if you did
DK:Learn piano and start surfing at an earlier age.
ANZ: (here is a strange question) when you are in a music store do you get the urge to check if they have any of your cds in stock
DK:on odd occasions, like, if Im near the K's and Im in san fransisco killing time at Amoeba Records.
SANZ: Do you ever check ebay or trademe to see if anyone is selling any rare records of your work
DK:sometimes. Theres one or two items Im after.......and although I have a copy I'd like another copy of The Cleans "In a Live ".
SANZ: What are your thoughts on youtube seeing as there are some clean videos and your solo stuff on it at the moment
DK:I like it.
SANZ: When you hear one of your songs on the radio do you sing along or switch stations
DK:Depends on the song.......and anyway, that seems to be very rare!
SANZ: If you had to pick a song of yours to be your signature which would it be and why
DK:I wouldnt
SANZ: out of all your albums which would be your favourite
DK:The first is close to my, ummm, cause its the first.
SANZ: do you have a least favourite 
DK:No, theyre all brilliant
SANZ: Now can I ask the story/inspiration behind some of your well known songs
Tally Ho
SANZ: Beatnik
DK:The Beats, and LSD
SANZ: Anything Can Happen
DK:The System
SANZ: You Forget
DK:rejection & Hatred
SANZ: No No No
SANZ: Beached
SANZ: How did the pop art toasters come about
DK:Started out as a party band
SANZ: How long till we see another Clean/Kilgour album
DK:New clean lp is complete, out next in 09 and new DK LP in collaboration with Sam Hunt out in 09. New Solo lp out late 09
SANZ: If you could do a duet with another NZ artist who would it be and why
DK:I have no idea
SANZ: what are your thoughts on NZ idol
DK:More garbage
SANZ: In your opinion what do you think makes NZ music stand out from say music from America
DK:Its made in New Zealand
SANZ: What would you consider a classic NZ song
DK:Tania by John Rowles
SANZ: and what would you consider an iconic NZ song
DK:Anything by Hogsnort Rupert
SANZ: what would you say makes NZ music unique compared to say music from America
DK:Its smells better
SANZ: Who are some of your favourite NZ bands/artists to listen to
DK:Chants R&B.
SANZ: What was the last NZ album you bought
DK: Sam Scott & BOPs Straight Answer Machine
SANZ: What are your plans for the rest of 08/09
DK:More music more music.....release the new clean LP and the new dk/Sam hunt lp AND the new solo DK LP
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