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  Jeffrey Cain (Remy Zero Guitarist) Email interview 2.2.2011

SANZ: Out of the albums the band has released which would be your favourite one
JC: Villa Elaine
SANZ: Do you have a least favourite and if so why
JC: the golden hum . the list is long.
SANZ: What would you prefer to do work and record in a studio or perform live
JC: I love the art of recording and creating things out of thin air.
SANZ: what would you say is the best thing about performing live
JC: the energy exchanged with the audience is beautiful. playing a vox amp very loud every night is healing too.
SANZ: what’s is the best place you've travelled to and played a gig
JC: Iceland felt like performing on the moon.
SANZ: If you had to pick a song from The Remy Zero catalogue to be your signature what would it be
JC: Hermes bird
SANZ: If one of your songs come on the radio do you sing along or switch stations
JC: I don't sing along but I smile and listen
SANZ: What are your thoughts on you tube seeing as there are a lot of music videos of Remy Zero on there
JC: anything that shares the art is good.
SANZ: Out of your music videos you have done which would be your favourite
JC: gramarye filmed at the villa Elaine
SANZ: Do you have a least favourite and why
JC: no. they all bring back good memories.
SANZ: If you had a chance to go back in time and repeat your musical career over again would you take that chance would you do anything differently if you did
JC: no part of me wants to go back in time. what's done is done. I probably would have said "no" more.
SANZ: What would be your most memorable moment be in your music career
JC: I remember it all.
SANZ: is there a least memorable moment you'd like to forget about and can you tell us about it
JC: Our van being carjacked and all of our equipment being stolen on the night of our album release was pretty awful. Hmmm... it's rather funny now.
SANZ: What are your thoughts on American idol
JC: I don't think about American Idol.
SANZ: What went through your mind when you guys asked for Save me to be used as the theme song for the show Smallville
JC: I think we were just happy that our music would finally be heard by more people.
SANZ: Did you ever watch any of the series if so what are your thoughts on it
JC: we actually performed on the show at the end of the first season.
SANZ: Do you ever check ebay or to see if anyone is selling any rare items of Remy Zero
JC: my parents bought a coffee cup with a picture of me playing guitar on it.
SANZ: when you are in a music store do you get the urge to check if they have any of the albums you have worked on
JC: yes. we would never find our record when we were out on tour.
SANZ: If you could do a duet with another singer songwriter of your choice who would it be
JC: a guitar duet with Johnny marr
SANZ: What are your plans for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011
JC: a new Isidore record [ my collaboration with Steve Kilbey of The Church} , albums by Sanders Bohlke and The Great Book of John ..... live shows with Dead Snares.
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