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  Stan Bush Interview(American singer songwriter)Email Interview 25.09.10

SANZ: Recently you have re touched the touch (please excuse the pun didn’t mean that to happen) by removing the rap bits what made you decide to do that
STAN: First of all, thanks for doing the interview with me. We were kind of experimenting with a more modern style when we did the new “Sam’s Theme (The Touch)”. Musically it’s totally different but the lyrics are from “The Touch”. Most everybody really loved it, except for the rap section. Since I never was a big fan of rap anyway, it was an easy decision to just edit it out. The song works much better now.
SANZ: What are your thoughts on the music industry now compared to the 80s.
STAN: The music industry was pretty much controlled by the record labels and by radio. There was a kind of quality control then, so if an act wasn’t very good, the album usually wouldn’t get made. That changed with the internet, pretty much anybody can make a record now. It leveled the playing field in terms of access to the fans, but it’s also very hard to break through because of the amount of content out there.
SANZ: What would you prefer to do work and record in a studio or perform live?
STAN: I love both recording and performing pretty much equally. Writing songs is also really cool, because it’s like a puzzle.
SANZ: what would you say is the best thing about performing live?
STAN: Performing is such a great feeling. Especially when you’re on. I remember performing in Europe where the fans knew all the lyrics to my songs. It was an awesome feeling!
SANZ: what’s is the best place you've travelled to and played a gig
STAN: Probably Germany. I seem to have many fans there.
SANZ: What are your thoughts on you tube seeing as there are a lot of music videos of yours on there (there are 3 in particular id like to mention first up this one great tribute what was it like to do this one
STAN: It was awesome! It was really neat to honor the military with “The Touch”. The guys had a lot of fun too!
SANZ: Then this acoustic one any chance you recall what this one was for
STAN: I’m not sure where (or when) this was. It looks like folks were having fun though.
SANZ: And finally you playing The Touch on guitar Hero what was that experience like doing your own song in a video game)
STAN: That was really cool doing my own song on Guitar Hero! The fans were enjoying it too!SANZ: Out of your music videos you have done which would be your favourite
STAN: Probably the military tribute was the most fun
SANZ: Do you have a least favourite and why
STAN: Not really. They all had something cool about them.
SANZ: Out of the 13 albums (didn’t include best of) if you had to choose which album would you be most proud of.
STAN: Well, the last two are my best, I think. I say it’s a tie. “In This Life” and “Dream the Dream”.
SANZ: If you had a chance to go back in time and repeat your musical career over again would you take that chance would you do anything differently if you did
STAN: That’s always an interesting thing to wonder about. Certainly, knowing what I know now about songwriting and other stuff, I probably could have become more successful. The thing is, things have worked out great. Still I’m doing something I love! Isn’t that the definition of success?
SANZ: What would be your most memorable moment be in your music career
STAN: Probably the high point in my career was winning the Emmy Award. It was an awesome achievement!
SANZ: is there a least memorable moment you'd like to forget about and can you tell us about it
STAN: I forgot. (ha-ha). No, there are definitely gigs I wouldn’t mind forgetting, but overall it’s been great!
SANZ: What are your thoughts on american idol
STAN: I like it. There are some really talented singers on that show.
SANZ: Do you ever check ebay or to see if anyone is selling any rare items of your work
STAN: I’ve seen some pretty high prices of some of my older out-of-print stuff.
SANZ: when you are in a music store do you get the urge to check if they have any of the albums you have worked on
STAN: Sometimes, though most of the recording and writing I did for other bands/artists was in the 80’s and 90’s.
SANZ: If you could do a duet with another singer songwriter of your choice who would it be
STAN: Joe Walsh. I met him once. He’s a nice guy.
SANZ: If one of your songs come on the radio do you sing along or switch stations
STAN: When I hear myself on the radio, I turn it up and enjoy the moment.
SANZ: Now not much is known about the history of your songs in transformers (or atleast I am unable to track down the history on the net like most songs you can find these days)Can you tell me the stories/inspirations behind these songs
 the touch
STAN: My co-writer Lenny Macaluso and I originally wrote “The Touch” for the Stalone movie “Cobra”. When the record label got it in a cartoon movie about robots, we were like, what?
SANZ: Dare
STAN: That song was written by Vince DiCola. The record company arranged for me to sing it for the Transformers soundtrack album and the movie.
SANZ: Ground Zero come about which a decade later you re did into till all are one
STAN: Yeah, Ground Zero was written as a Transformers theme and then I re-worked the song when the first Bay film was in production, and called it “Til All Are One”. It’s in the new Activision game “Transformers: War for Cybertron”
SANZ: Falling
STAN: “Falling” was my favorite track from the “Shine” album. I really like that song.
SANZ: Never Surrender
STAN: “Never Surrender” was in the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie “Kickboxer”
SANZ: Hold Your Head Up High
STAN: A really cool song from the “Call to Action” album.
SANZ: What went through your mind when two of your songs were to be put in a film that has survived thanks to the fans
STAN: Well, I never would have imagined the Transformers would have become such a huge phenomenon. It’s really cool to have been a part of something that has touched so many lives in a positive way.
SANZ: Now during my research prep for this interview I came across you doin a version of the song Go Speed Racer how did you come to do this version
STAN: I was hired to sing on the Speed Racer soundtrack.
SANZ: Now out of the films that have had your songs in ( so far I only know of Transformers,Kickboxer and Bloodsport) if given the choice to watch one which would you choose
STAN: Well Transformers has been the most successful and has done the most for my career.
SANZ: If someone told you 25 to 30 years ago you would have a big fan following what would you say to that person
STAN: I wouldn’t have believed them. It’s still kind of hard to believe sometimes.
SANZ: Now for the Transformers segmentDid you ever watch the series when it came out before you got to do the songs for the film
STAN: I assume you’re talking about the old animated series. I didn’t watch it, but I knew of the toys.
SANZ: Who would your favourite Autobot/Decepticon be
STAN: I like Bumble Bee.
SANZ: What are your plans for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011
STAN: Well, I’ve been involved with promoting the new album “Dream the Dream” and recording some new songs as well.
SANZ: Now a personal plea. If you ever get a chance please play some shows in NZ (Tauranga is a good place)
STAN: I’ll have to remember that. I’d love to go there sometime.
SANZ: thank you for taking the time for this interview its much appreciated been a fan of your stuff since I heard The Touch and Dare in the transformers film unfortunately importing your stuff is hard here in NZ
STAN:Thanks so much for the support! Please visit my website

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