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  Greg Johnson 28-10-2005
Greg Johnson has been based in Los Angeles since mid 2002 but visits New Zealand regularly to perform (for the locals)
Greg was in Tauranga recently to play two shows for the Tauranga Arts Festival at the Pacific Crystal Palace  
Greg Johnson Interview answers 28-10-2005
1What do you miss most about NZ
GJ Ahh Fish
2Will you ever return and live in NZ again
GJ Ummm Never say never maybe at some stage probably it’s a good place to be well I still have a place here as well
3If you could do a duet with another NZer who would it be
GJ Probably Julia Deans from Fur Patrol I like her voice and she has a good attitude
4Do you ever think you would record a cover if so what and why that song
GJ Don't know really but probably not but maybe
5What topics do you mainly find easy to write about
GJ I kind of just write about things that happen to me or my friends or things that I read about so pretty broad so you know the human experience
6Out of all the albums you have released which would be your favourite one
GJ Progressively in a chronological order but I do have a soft spot for vine street stories But I still prefer the new stuff the new stuff is much better
7I Heard rumours about Chinese whispers being written while you were drunk is that true
GJ  While I was drunk I don’t know about that really some of it probably was some of it probably wasn’t but it’s hard to do much well while you are toasted
8This will be a difficult question but out of all of your songs which would you consider to be your signature song like Dave has loyal
GJ I don’t have one I don’t look at music that way really that is a question to ask someone else
9When you hear one of your songs on the radio while driving do you sing along or do you switch stations.
GJ I usually listen for a bit see how it sounds in relation to the next song to see whether it’s loud enough but I don’t listen a lot to the radio
10 Your upcoming gig with the philharmonic in Auckland will that be released on cd or dvd or both
GJ Probably not but I think they will broadcast it on concert programmes 
11What has been the most memorable moment in your music career
GJ Too many to remember tough question that
11B And is there a moment you’d like to forget
GJ Least fave moment... waking up the next day 
12Out of your videos which is your favourite and why 
GJ favourite Vid is "Swagger" cos we made it in a blizzard in New York and it's very dark dark dark 
13What are your plans for the rest of 2005and 2006
GJ we’ll carry on doing shows and travelling then we head back to the states at the end of November and back to work


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