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  Iain Baker (UK Band Jesus Jones) Email interview 10.09.10

SANZ: Out of the albums the band has released which would be your favourite one
IAIN:They all have great memories, but I suppose "Doubt" is the one I play most often.
SANZ: Do you have a least favourite and if so why
IAIN:I hardly play "London" at all. Why? It's probably because we didn't really tour the album as much as all the others - so the songs aren't ingrained into me!
SANZ: What would you prefer to do work and record in a studio or perform live
IAIN: Live, obviously. Studio stuff is great fun, but there's no audience!
SANZ: what would you say is the best thing about performing live
IAIN: The feeling of complete unpredictability. You never know what's going to happen next, you never know if it's all going to fall apart or go brilliantly. I love the feeling of anticipation before going on stage, the noise of the crowd, the heat, the lights, all of it.
SANZ: what’s is the best place you've travelled to and played a gig
IAIN: The best places we travelled to were Japan, Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand. Of those, the best gigs were in Brazil and Japan. We only ever got to play one gig in NZ which is a real shame, we had such a blast, and would love to come back some day.
SANZ: If you had to pick a song from Jesus Jones catalogue to be your signature what would it be
IAIN:Ah - now that's difficult. If you ask anyone else, it's probably going to be "Right here, Right Now" or "International Bright Young Thing". If i had to pick on behalf of the band, it would probably be "Info Freako" or "Idiot Stare"
SANZ: If one of your songs come on the radio do you sing along or switch stations
IAIN: It never happens that often! However, when it does one of my friends normally texts me to say "I just heard you on the radio!"
SANZ: What are your thoughts on you tube seeing as there are a lot of music videos of Jesus Jones on there
IAIN: Personally, I love it. there are so many clips of us - including plenty which I'd completely forgotten about! It's a great way to jog your memory!
SANZ: Out of your music videos you have done which would be your favourite
IAIN: Probably "Chemical #1" which was filmed in Namibia, or one of the early ones like "Never Enough" when making videos was still exciting, fresh and new.
SANZ: Do you have a least favourite and why
IAIN: I hated making "The Next Big Thing" as it involved me being hung upside down, which was really painful. Also, I have no memories whatsoever of making the video for "Zeroes And Ones"
SANZ: If you had a chance to go back in time and repeat your musical career over again would you take that chancewould you do anything differently if you did
IAIN: Of course I'd take the chance. Would I do things differently? Sure. I'd take more time to look out the window, as the world was passing me by. We went to some incredible places, travelled through some fantastic countries - and sometimes you're just passed out at the back of a tour bus. That seems like a waste to me now.
SANZ: What would be your most memorable moment be in your music career
IAIN: Lots of things. Getting on "Top Of The Tops" on UK TV for the first time, flying Concorde, Performing in Brazil to a crowd so huge it blew my mind, meeting lots of my musical idols, some truly legendary nights out......
SANZ: is there a least memorable moment you'd like to forget about and can you tell us about it
IAIN: Bad gigs, arguments, fights.
SANZ: Do you stay in contact with the members of the group and if so has there been any talk of any one off gigs or even a small reunion
IAIN: I talk to Jerry every other day, and we go for beer every week. I talk to Mike via email all the time - he lives out of London now, so we see each other less often. Alan now lives in Chicago, so he's the one we all miss seeing. Gen I speak to from time to time - but basically, we're all still best friends. You can't not be, once you've been together so long.Reunion means you have to have split - and we've never done that, really. We get together to play gigs from time to time - the last gigs were 2 years ago, supporting our old friends The Wonderstuff.
SANZ: When Right Here Right Now was written did you guys ever imagine that a Band from NZ would cover it
IAIN: Never in a million years.
SANZ: What went through your head when it was announced that a kiwi band would cover the song
IAIN: I thought it was very cool, though I was worried about people getting the hump that it was a UK band's song being used for the Rugby in NZ. Thinking about it though - RHRN was the anthem for the whole tournament, not the NZ team (that really would have been wrong) so I hope people understood that.
SANZ: What are your thoughts on their version compared to the jesus jones version
IAIN: It's a bit grittier, slightly harder - but it's very faithful to the original. We were all very flattered.
SANZ: What are your thoughts on american idol
IAIN: Never watched it. Ever. And I don't think I ever will. Is it big over there? Why? Don't you have an NZ Idol?
SANZ: Do you ever check ebay or to see if anyone is selling any rare items of Jesus Jones
IAIN: Yeah, but most of the time, they're bought by a friend of mine, Jeff, who has a better collection of JJ memorabilia than I do!
SANZ: when you are in a music store do you get the urge to check if they have any of the albums you have worked on
IAIN: Never.
SANZ: Now while working on radio you would have had some interesting people come through can you name some of the highlights
IAIN:All of the chances I had to interview some of my favourite musicians - Johnny Marr, Marky Ramone, Evan Dando, Jack White......
SANZ: If you could do a duet with another singer songwriter of your choice who would it be
IAIN: Personally - Moe Berg from The Pursuit Of Happiness, AA Bondy, or Sufjan Stevens. SANZ: What are your plans for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011
IAIN: I'm getting married at the end of September - so a honeymoon, and a great deal of rest and relaxation. After that, I'm working on some things with Jesus Jones (we'll keep you posted!) and also with the bands I'm currently managing - Union Sound Set and Air Conditioning School.

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