Songlines Across New Zealand
  Graeme Downes Interview Part One conducted through email 3.03.04

SANZ: Out of the Flying Nun bands which one stood out/been you favourite
Graeme: The Clean
SANZ: which song would have been one that stood out/been your favourite
Graeme: getting Older
SANZ: Which music video would have stood out
Graeme: none in particular
SANZ: Out of all the Verlaines song which would have been your favourite
Graeme: Hard to say really. I don't think a clear front runner emerges.there's a heap of songs I'm relatively happy with and a bunch more less so.
SANZ: Out of all of the Verlaines releases which would have been your favourite
Graeme: Same as the above really.
SANZ: Out of all the videos you did which one would have been your favourite/most fun to do
Graeme: Bird dog was my favourite. I enjoyed it because I had little to do with it. Jane Dodd and Nick Smith did most of the work and conceptual stuff.

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