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  Classic Hits Acoustic Church Tour Dave Dobbyn and Don Mcglashan
Friday September 27th Holy Trinity Cathedral Tauranga

Here is a musical team we have been waiting a while to see perform together. The first half  of the show consisted of just Don and Dave performing their songs of each others choice near the end of the first half they were joined by Joe Berris (bass player) and Ross Burge (drums/ cajon )
This was the type of show where you could sit back close your eyes and let the music wash over you and the words sneak into the soul and play with the switches.
A few of the highlights of the show was Dave performing the songs Beside you, whaling, Blindmans Bend, his rendition of a James K Baxter poem entitled Song Of The Years along with a very fresh new song entitled Up Above The Rain.
The highlights of Don’s songs were an emotionally turbulent version of Andy, his passive protest song Toy Factory fire, then down the line came Harbour Bridge, a great visual moment came during the performance of  my favourite track White Valiant where the band was bathed in a white light, the end of the road of Don’s tracks came with his performance of his big hit Dominion Road.
Over all it was a perfect mix of songs with their music styling complimenting each other in this setting along with presenting us with the stories/ideas/inspirations behind the songs . Overall this show with this line up was a true slice of heaven.

Setlist can be seen here for those interested (did not want to spoil the full setlist for those who want to be suprised) for those who dont mind here is the link

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