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  Jordan Luck Band + Ekko Park 22-11-2020

Jordan Luck Band + Ekko Park 22-11-2020

2020 as a year has been a cluster fuck for live shows and touring for bands all over the world but recently here in New Zealand we have been soooo fortunate that we have the ability and opportunity to get back into it.

This show is the 20th show of the 2020 tour (and probably the only tour to hit 20 and still going this year)

The show kicked off with Ekko Park and a fantastic set list which included a cover of Elemeno P’s 11:57 and the guitarist running off stage up to the 2nd level of the venue and rocking out some great guitaring in the closing song (which is also the latest single from their new album Horizon called Uh Oh).

The main event came at about 6.30 with the band hitting few of Jordans classics as well as a few other kiwiclassics (which also included a track from Bryan Bells Deadflowers)

Here is the set list from The Jordan Luck Band

Whatever Happened To Tracey

Your Best Friend Loves Me To

Lala Lulu

Social Life

Blue Lady

Airway Spies

Christchurch In Cashel St

All I Can Do

Like She Said

Can I Help You 

(Deadflowers song I was unsure of the title)

Forever Tuesday Morning

(Passenger Lalalala) placeholder till I can name the song


April Sun

Sink Like A Stone

Who Loves Who

I’ll Say Goodbye


I Will Follow

Why Does Love

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