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  The Chills Live At Totara Street Thursday 11th may 2017
Since I became a fan of the chills (officially 15 years but far longer) I had been hoping they would come and play here in Tauranga when they announced their national tour I was quite sceptical we would see them here as every band as of late who has announced a national tour have missed Tauranga (I am looking at you Mr Dobbyn regarding your 40 year tour) so when I saw Tauranga on the chills list it seemed larger than life to me.
The Night started of with Night Of Chill Blue and rolled through new,old and fan favourites and ended on a Hevenly version of Heavenly Pop Hits overall as i stood watching the gig the sound went straight through my body I was so bloated up and happy I could have thrown things around me it was a show that left me humming and singing by the end of the night from all of the dancing around I was covered in feverish sweat and was nursing aching bones. I can not wait for them to make a retun to Tauranga the band were in fine form full of energy and life.
The great thing about reviewing this show is it comes full circle for me as my first ever cd review was for The Chills ep Stand By and 12 years after that review im finally reviewing one of their live shows I hope it is not so long between visits

Spoiler for those interested setlist can be found here
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