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  Jan Hellriegel 19.10.2019
SANZ: What inspired you to write sportsman and how long in the making has it been
Jan:It was seven years of pondering and two years of  production but what inspired me to write it was life in general. What inspired me to write it is Ive been meaning to write an album for ages
I write all the time so it was just a matter of how to put it together
SANZ: What are your thoughts on the music industry now compared to when you started out (late 80s/early 90s)
Jan:I cover that in the book. when it was very much we did it all ourselves and we were quite empowered we toured and paid for everything I really enjoyed it I enjoyed the freedom of having my own direction and everything I think what changed well I went away for a very long time but by the time I got back it changed from going out on tour and selling records and things to you know obviously streaming and everything and I didn’t realize how little people were interested in buying cds and stuff till I came out with All Grown up. Its got just  as much work and its easy to make music but its harder to get it out there
SANZ: Speaking of streaming What are your thoughts on youtube and soundcloud and those types of music sites where you can stream stuff
Jan:I think they are all useful but I found with this project that I did that I use it as only one part of the release schedule because I don’t have a lot of Spotify followers
So My main thing was to release a book and to do something different creatively you know something different and interesting that was  pushing boundaries
SANZ: What would you prefer to do work and record in a studio or perform live?
Jan:I just choose both I love them both
SANZ: what would you say is the best thing about performing live?
Jan:Meeting people like you John. Playing live is really good cos everytime you play it’s a different versions because you sort feed off the crowd and everyone is really enjoying it you kind of sing differently its just different you make happy mistakes its all good
SANZ: what’s is the best place you've traveled to and played a gig
Jan:Um Tauranga actually got to say I really like the jam factory
SANZ: It’s a nice venue
Jan:The soundcheck was awesome looking forward to it
SANZ:  this the third show ive been to at the jam factory its sounding good from what I heard in sound check. I heard the narcs a few months ago and shona laing last night
SANZ: In your opinion what do you think makes NZ music stand out from the rest of the music around the world
Jan:I don’t know if it stands out but I think it is equally as good. It’s just different I mean its all on a world stage you know we’re all doing it
SANZ: What would you consider a classic NZ song
Jan:For me it would have to be. for me if I have to its really hard to choose but if I have to choose one iconic song for me it would have to be Sneaky feelings Better than before I love that song I cant stop playing it at the moment
SANZ: What advice would you give to singer/songwriters starting out
Jan:Ahh don’t give up your day job (Laughs)
SANZ: What are your plans for the remainder of 2019 and 2020
Jan:Ahh not starting a new idea cos  ive actually got a new idea and on the way to Tauranga I kept seeing this name on things oh my goodness it’s a sign but I don’t want want to start it yet because im still working on this release
SANZ: We’re going to did into your music catalogue.  If you had to pick a song of yours to be your signature which would it be
Jan:Sportsman of the year always my latest I’m really proud of it
SANZ: I am guessing the answer to this next question will be the same but Out of the albums you have released which would be your favorite one
Jan:Well theyre all favourites they all have special place in my heart for different reasons
SANZ: out of the music video you have done did you have a favourite to shoot
Jan:No I quite like them all
SANZ: Do you have a least favorite
Jan:Yes but Im not going to say which one (laughs)
SANZ: What would you say would be your most memorable moment be in your music career
Jan:Releasing sportsman of the year

SANZ: is there a least memorable moment you'd like to forget about and can you tell us about it
Jan:Well there’s least favourites. If you have read the book the worst gig ever that is a memory that’s indelibly inked into my brain that was probably the most worst thing that’s ever happened to me but then it turned out to be the best thing anyway so it’s the worst and best

 SANZ: What are your thoughts on reality music shows like got talent, x factor and idol
Jan:You know what if people like watching them its up to them its entertainment


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