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  The Chills Totara Street 13.5.2021

The evening started off with Hamilton band Bitter Defeat. I always make sure to get to shows for the included opening act and with this act I had never heard of this band until this evening and I certainly was not disappointed. The songs had my attention from start to finish (if you have not heard of these guy go check them out)  Here is the set list for those interested (most of these are on their EP Minor Victory)


Bitter defeat



Light That Shines


All The Things


Long Lash
Now for the main act The Chills were in fine form from start to finish. We were treated to tracks from all eras of the bands back catalogue including the new album Scatterbrain.

One moment that really caught my attention during one song the bass player was playing a trumpet and the bass at the same time.

Over all the night was full of Heavenly Pop Hits that had people singing, dancing and free.

Here is the setlist of the night for those who that still want it (see what I did there) 

NIght of chill blue

Bad sugar

Male monster 

Wet blanket

Oncoming day 



Kaleidoscope World

You're immortal

Pink frost 

Lord of all I survey


Little alien

Heavenly pop hit

Leather Jacket


Dance sensation (snapper cover


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