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  Elemeno P Totara Street 8-04-2021
Here's a little gig review that should be told with a whole lotta heart and a little bit of soul so take a seat and read on....

The show started off with a local act by the name of Joes Van had a great jazz funk feel to them and a lot of energy to boot.

The main act of the evening of course was Elemeno P this was a great set it started off with the entirety of their first album Love And Disrespect along with hits from their albums that followed along with covers of The Ramones, Weezer, Neil Young and even NZ's own Verlaines .
It was a great night singing along to these fantastic hits.
Setlist of the night (If you are familiar with the first album then that sums it up but here is the list)
Urban Getaway
The Benjamins
Fast Times In Tahoe
Claim To Fame
I Don't Know
Hold On
On My Balcony
Every Day's A Saturday
Weed Out
I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones cover)
Say It Aint So (Weezer cover)
Ohio (Neil Yong Cover)
Baby Come On
Death And The Maiden (The Verlaines cover)
Slow Tahoe (Fast Times reprise)
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