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  The Jordan Luck Band 12.06.2021
In A world where international acts have been unable to do live tours and have huge crowds these two acts together in the space of the last 6 months have gone on two big tours of the country (and they certainly did not dissapoint).
The opening Act was Ekko Park a great live act and a good fit to tour with The Jordan Luck band (both deliver anazing and energetic performances)

Ekko Parks setlists consisted on some great tracks including
Go Stop Go,
All Eyes On Me,
Probable Cause,
11:57 (Elemeno P cover)
Bassano Sky
Breakdown (new)
Tea And Toast (written in Tauranga on the Bryan Adams tour when show was postponed)
Violent Salad (new)
Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols cover)
Uh Oh (my favourite live song)

Here is The Jordan Luck Band setlist for the evening
Christchurch (In Cashel Street)
Your Best Friend Loves Me Too
Brand New Cadillac (Clash Cover)
Sink Like A Stone
La La Lulu
Like She Said
Can I Help You
Forever Tuesday Morning (Mockers Cover)
Only I Could Die
History Never Repeats (Split Enz Cover)
Airway Spies
The Passenger (Iggy Pop Cover)
Under The Green Moon (Unknown Cover)
Blue Lady (Hello Sailor)
I'll Say Goodbye (even though Im blue)
Who Loves Who The Most
Whatever Happened To Tracey
April Sun In Cuba (Dragon)
Why Does Love (Do This To Me)
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