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Dan Leckie New Music
Dan is a scottish born artis whose style sits in the classic accoustic country style the thing is about his music is he has pretty much copied other musicians to claim as his own and even then it is a bland nothing to write home about sound.

Don Mcglashan Lucky Stars
It has been six years since his critically acclaimed second album marvellous year was released but now here we finally have Don Mcglashans 3rd solo album entitled Lucky Stars
The songs on the album consist of beautifully crafted lyrics with fantastic melodies that form in essence great stories told in song which is reminiscent of an album Don recorded in his previous band The Mutton Birds called Envy Of Angels.
My song picks for this album come in the form of the Country type song Come Back To Me,
The hauntingly beautiful sea Shanty ballad esq  The Waves Would Roll on (previously heard in the theatre production Ship Songs in which Don composed the music for)
Overall it is a Marvellous album
You can tell Don is a fine song craftsman when he can write a song about filling up his car and waiting to pay and it sounds fantastic and catchy example is in reference to track lucky stars with this album just sit back close your eyes and let the stories told in song wash over you

 Dragon: The Acoustic Church Tour Album
This album is a great collectorsw piece especially for those who were in attendance of the Church Tour for those who unfortunately missed the tour this is a great consolotaion piece you may not get the energy of being in the crowd but you get the energy of the bands perfomance of their hits songs old and new 

             The Exponents Eight Days At Round Head
Here we have the brand new album recorded 
as a build up to the rockumentary Prime Rocks The Exponents Story airing on Prime 22nd of May. This is a ten track album the first eight tracks were recorded at roundhead during the filming process of the rockumentary the first track Social Life being a song from the demo stages of the Prayers Be Answered time period the last two tracks were done in 2005. This album is fantastic it is one album you cannot keep me away from as of writing this I have gone through it atleast fourteen times and I find myself humming the songs atleast once during my day it is a nice mature sound for an Exponents album.
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