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Now here is a band that obviously does not have second album jitters Goldenhorse have been around since 2001 and released their debut album Riverhead through EMI in October of 2002.Now they have returned with a brand new album entitled Out Of The Moon. The first single off the new album is called Run Run Run. All aspects of this album are fantastic from the guitar and drum work to the wonderful melodies and amazing vocals to the quirky lyrics. My favourite tracks are cool pants, Run Run Run and Trinkity Trunk. The album overall is well crafted and a piece of pop simplicity.
Greg Fleming and the working poor: stranger in my own hometown
The name of the band may be the working poor but they are certainly rich musically along with Greg’s rich vocals and lyrics
Gregs vocals remind me of a seasoned Tim Finn and the songs have a feel of my favourite Dire Straits album On Every Street and the guitar work has a Santana feel about it a nice smooth cool sound.
This is my first encounter with Greg’s work and thoroughly enjoyed it my picks would be Stranger In My Own Home Town. The songs on this album feels like a collection of stories that make you feel apart of the stories
Greg Johnson:Here Comes The Caviar

Here comes Greg Johnson's special brand of caviar in the form of 10 new songs.
In my opinion this album is his best yet even though that was the name of his previous release.
The first single off the album is called save yourself. This album was recorded and mixed in Los Angeles where Greg has been living since 2002 where he has been playing regularly at Hotel Cafe in Santa Monica.
Overall this is a great album to sit back and listen to.My picks of the album are Save Yourself, Love in the Air and Don’t Be The One.
Greg Johnson: Small Towns Live

This album is a perfect memento for those who attended/witnessed any of the Small-town Shows on the tour, for those who missed attending these shows this is just a taste/slice of what you missed.This album is comprised of 15 tracks of rich live goodness/recorded live throughout the period of the tour at the various shows. This is one album the fans have been looking forward to (I myself have even asked Greg over the years about a possibility) It is a very rare occasion for a live album from Greg.
The band is comprised of Greg Johnson, Ted Brown, Ben King and Wayne Bell together they present to us a show rich full of heavenly harmonies.
The tracks include songs from his recent releases as well as some of his big hits like Isabelle.
This is one live album I suggest you don’t wait another day to purchase.

Greg Johnson Swing The Lantern
This album is the new addition to Gregs fantastic and ever growing library of work.
It is a lush sounding album nice and rich balance of melodies,Harmonies and lyrics.
It is full of catchy tunes that get stuck in your head one of my favourites in particular is why wont love
There are some great epiphinal and thoughtful moments in tracks like Israel and stone cold sober for me each album seems to have a stand out track that no matter how long it has been since I have heard it I can still sing the entire track to myself this albums track is why wont love give in which has a nice touch of jazz in the melody. Another nice touch is how the Swing The Lantern reference is dotted through out the tracks. Overall this is such a nice relaxing album to unwind with. I highly recommend getting this album.
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