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Collapse Into Now

Here is a band who have been around the sun many times (musically speaking) over the 30 years they have been active. Now they present to us their 15th studio album entitled Collapse Into Now. This album features guest appearances by Pattie Smith and Pearl Jams own Eddie Vedder.
Overall the songs on this album have a depth and soul about them it is hard to say my picks for this album but stand out tracks are Discoverer, Uberlin,Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter my favourite moment of this album is how it comes full circle with the track Blue which ends with a reprise of Discoverer. 
This album is a testament to a great band and I look forward to what they have in store for us in the years to come.

Unplugged 1991/2001 Sessions

It may have been the end of R.E.M as we knew them  3 years ago but they still love their fans enough to cater to them from the archives once and a while 
This is also the second time they have released something for Record Store Day If they are not careful we might start expecting something every RSD, This album was originally released on RSD as a 4 vinyl set. This is the bands first official Acoustic release in their career
This release includes 11 unaired tracks from the unplugged sessions along with the tracks that were aired
This is the only band to headline the mtv unplugged sessions twice first in 1991 then a decade later in 2001
Now all that needs to come out to compliment this set is a dvd of both shows
The two acoustic sets capture the band at two very different points in their career. The harmonies between the band members are fantastic the only issue I have with this release is the banter was edited (there is some great banter for ITEOTWAWKI where Stipe says "and this was a request of MTV and Mike Mills jokingly replies with Oh those guys again and stipe continues saying And we had to get the word on the computer and im not sure they're right) other than that this is a great release.

Spork Sporky pee

This four track ep has a great energy and enthusiasm about it these guys are great musical experimenters going by this ep just throwing musical ingrediants into the mix stirring and seeing how it turns out (which in my opinion fantastic)
My favourite tracks on this release are Doctor Jenkum and Mister Heigh and Deep Water, the other interesting highlight on this release is a cover (well more like a mashup of covers) While my Glory Box Gently Weeps (cover of while my guitar gently weeps meets glory box by portishead)
Overall if you ever come across any thing by these guys I suggest grabbing it

 Heat of the battle

In 2010 Stan Bush released the fantastic album Dream The Dream as 2011 dawns on us he has released a new song that does not appear on the album entitled Heat Of The Battle. Stan is known mainly by fans of Transformers for writing/performing the anthem for the animated film called the touch but now this new song could take the title of a Stan bush anthem away from the touch.
This song also comes across as an inspirational song saying don’t give up believe in yourself and do your best.
All in all it is always great to hear new stuff from Stan aswell as revisit old favourites he truly has the touch I look forward to future releases.

The Ultimate

Stan (the man ) Bush has done it again and presented to his listeners/fans another fantastic energised album.
This is Stans 12th studio album The first single from this album came to us back at the end of 2010 start of 2011  entitled Heat Of The Battle, the next track we heard was The Touch Power Mix which we got to hear in 2012, in 2013 Stan presented to us a cover of John Farnhams Thunder In Your Heart (great cover) and now on the eve of the album the next single from the album is Unstoppable (it has a great patriotic feel to it).
This is a great album with so much energy behind the lyrics and music it gives off an optimistic anthemic energy. With each album Stan reaches new heights the lyrics contained in the songs are Motivational, inspirational and contain a melodical lyrical kick.
If you love melodic rock you are truly going to love this album it is an Ultimate addition to your Stan Bush collection.

The Corrs White Light

Just when we thought that Andrea and Sharon releasing solo projects must have meant borrowed Heaven was the last hurrah of the family band dynamic The Corrs first surprise us by playing a concert for bbc radio in hyde park then announcing their first group album in 10 years. The group channels their emotions (almost seems like this album was a cathartic experience for the band) nicely into the songs which can be heard in the first single Bring On The Night which happens to be one of my picks for this album along with the song Ellis Island that also has a nice irish feel to it. The sound of this album is up-to-date and contemporary combining traditional irish folk music with modern pop rock, but not overproduced or overly trendy,with amazing vocal and melodic harmonies and is still recognizably the Corrs. It is great to have the amazing harmonies of The Corrs back on the Radio what can I do but recomend this album.

Toni Gibson
Echo My Soul

Here we have Toni’s debut album Echo My Soul. This singer songwriter is from Wellington and has recently been signed to record label EMI her sound has been compared to Haley Westenra but in my opinion she has a richer sound than Haley. my 2 favourite  tracks from it so far are track her Evanescence cover of My Immortal and her version of  The Music Of The Night.
Overall I highly recommend this album if you love classical music/ Haley Westenra.To find out more check out  

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