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Mark Knopfler Privateering 
Now here is a guy who you could say has done it all, from Rock to Pop to country, Folk and now --------
But no matter the what the style is it still has the signature guitar work beautifully well crafted melodies with prolific lyrics and magnificent storytelling through his songs that Mark is well known for.
This is Marks seventh solo album, it has a ------- feel to it
My picks from this album would be Privateering, Red Bud Tree, another addition you will find on the three disc deluxe package is a disc of unmastered/unmixed tracks from previous sessions.
Overall I am enjoying Marks latest trick in his music career.

Mark Knopfler Tracker
Mark Knopfler has released to the world 13 more of his musical children in the form of his 8th solo album entitled Tracker.
The feel of this album is like revisiting/catching up with old friends in the form of musical styles, this is evident in the first single Beryl which harkens back to the days of early Dire Straits.
Mark gets his inspiration from observing/reading about events and putting himself in the place of the people associated with those events, the tracks Beryl and Basil being prime examples.
This album is just continuing proof Mark is a masterful storyteller,wordsmith and songwriter who has a wide range of musical skills ranging from pop,rock,folk and classical whose melodies flow nicely in his overall eclectic collection of work.

Martin Phillipps Live at the moth club
At the time of 2004 anything related to Martin Phillips and the Chills releases were very far and few between but now I find it hard to believe but am happy to see we now have a constant stream of interesting releases from Martin and The Chills
With The Chills back in full swing it is nice to hear Martin doing the odd bit of solo live recording especially since he is still surging through tours for the latest chills album Silver Bullets.
There are certainly some fantastic live gems on here from Male Monster from The Id,
This live album is splendidly brilliant that it will give you The Chills.
It also includes a nice booklet and a dvd that gives us a sneak peak into the upcoming documentary Curse Of The Chills

Presents some of the underrated and lesser known singles of Martin's back catalogues

Explores in a live format a beautifully stripped back atmosphere
It will be something that you will be humming and listening closely to
It is good Martin along with the Chills They are still Heavenly Pop Hits that us fans still want coming
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