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  CD Reviews Part 1
EMI Music
Now here is a band that obviously does not have second album jitters Goldenhorse have been around since 2001 and released their debut album Riverhead through EMI in October of 2002.Now they have returned with a brand new album entitled Out Of The Moon. The first single off the new album is called Run Run Run. All aspects of this album are fantastic from the guitar and drum work to the wonderful melodies and amazing vocals to the quirky lyrics. My favourite tracks are cool pants, Run Run Run and Trinkity Trunk. The album overall is well crafted and a piece of pop simplicity.

Don Mcglashan
Warm Hand
Arch Hill Records
From the punk styles of Blam Blam Blam to the theatre styles of The Front Lawn and the pop styles of The Mutton Birds all three bands had one man in common Don Mcglashan. This is the first time Mcglashan has released under his own name. This album has been described by him as long awaited but it was well worth the wait to hear some new songs from an old Mutton Bird.
These new songs have hauntingly beautiful melodies lyrics and have unique views on different topics such as Toy Factory Fire where Mcglashan puts himself into the shoes of a PR guy who is involved with the company at the time of the disaster or Passenger 26 where he assumes the role of a tour bus driver.
The players on this album include Ross Burge (The Mutton Birds) on drums, John Segovia (Boxcar Guitars) on pedal steel and slide guitar, Sean Donnelly (SJD) on bass and Tatiana Latchikova on piano accordion.
All I can say is this is one album I will be proud to own in ten years time.

Toy Love
Toy Love Cuts
It’s taken 25 years for this band to finally re release their first and only album for everyone to hear
and it was well worth the wait. This band has a very unique punk sound about them.
Toy Love was formed out of The Enemy a punk band from Dunedin in the late 70’s.
This album includes singles such as Squeeze, Bride of Frankenstein, Good Old Joe and an old Enemy song Pull Down The Shades.
This album will still stand out in my mind in 25 years time
Dave Dobbyn
Available Light
Sony Music
Now here’s an album that we’ve been waiting for a long time for the album is called Available Light and the first single to come off it is called Welcome home.
Dave Dobbyn has been on the music scene for around 30 years and has had many hits over those years and there will be no exception to the songs on this album.
This album has many tunes with powerful melodies and lyrics which will catch your attention with Welcome Home being one of the best examples as it’s an anti racism anthem my personal favourites on this album include Welcome Home, Pour the wine, accustomed to the light and It’s The Truth overall this is one of his finest albums to date in my books.
Anika Moa
Stolen Hill
Warner Music
Now here is an artist that has finally emerged from her thinking room to present to us with her new album Stolen Hill.
The first single off the album is called In The Morning
This album has gone on a different path by means of sound where Thinking Room had a pop sound this album has a folkish sound about it.
My Picks off the album would be In The Morning, Broken Man and Wrestling With Your Angels
This is one album to listen to in your thinking room.

Greg Johnson
Here Comes The Caviar
EMI Music 
Here comes Greg Johnson's special brand of caviar in the form of 10 new songs.
In my opinion this album is his best yet even though that was the name of his previous release.
The first single off the album is called save yourself. This album was recorded and mixed in Los Angeles where Greg has been living since 2002 where he has been playing regularly at Hotel Cafe in Santa Monica.
Overall this is a great album to sit back and listen to.My picks of the album are Save Yourself, Love in the Air and Don’t Be The One.
Shona Laing
The Essential
Now here is an essential album from Shona Laing you should not walk away from.Shona has an amazing voice and over the years She has won multiple awards and Achievements including Best New Artist, Top Female Vocalist two years in a row 87,88. Finally we have a great collection of songs from her career including the two APRA Silver Scroll Award winning songs Soviet Snow and Mercy Of Love.
My song picks are Walk Away,1905,Glad I’m Not A Kennedy, Thief To Silver, Mercy Of Love and Fear of Falling. Overall this is an album that is an essential to own. 

Second Hand Planet
Now this album may be called second hand planet but all the songs on it are brand new.This is opshops sophomore album, it has been three years since their last brilliant, platinum selling album you are here. The singles off this album so far are maybe and waiting now. Overall this album has power in both the lyrics and the music listening to this album was a levitating experience.
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