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  The Beatles 1+ special edition cd 2dv
The Beatles 1+ delivers somthing new, my first thought when I heard about this release was oh a money making ploy.
For the first time ever the music videos of The Beatles 27 No1 hit singles come together in this specially packaged cd/dvd combo.
Each video has been repaired, restored and remastered in high definition using the original source material, overall the sound and visuals are as crisp as a freshly picked apple.
In 1967 the only way to see a Beatles music video was to have the television on at the right time, in this day and age we have youtube,Vimeo and Dailymotion to name a few but before these we had VHS which then morphed into DVDs which was proceeded by BLU Ray.
This release has enough content to keep watching for 8 days I mean 7 days a week and with the limited edition release with 23 extra videos/alternate videos with commentary with Ringo and Paul it will sure feel like 8 days.

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