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  CD Reviews Part 2

Now if there is one album to buy this year(09) it has to be this one.Even though Don has released alot under different titles this is only his second solo album and the first with his new band The Seven Sisters.This album is more upbeat then the previous album warm hand and it sounds fantastic.Marvellous year has the aspects from Dons time in the mutton birds and his first solo record which also include his unique but great style of story telling which can be heard throughout the album.My picks for the album would be the title track Marvellous year,the first single Bad Blood,the rocky songs Radio Programmer and c2006p1 along with his own take of his 2006 song Bathe In The River.

It's Unbelievable.

Here is the debut release from chelleya entitled It's Unbelievable.
I recently had the chance to see this songstress open for Greg Johnson, they say first impressions last and this is one singer/songwriter who has left a good first impression.This cd contains 10 original tracks along with a Beegees cover of words, one track that she played live that is not on this cd is a cover of R.E.Ms track Everybody Hurts (this was one of my highlights from her live set).
This is one up and coming singer/songwriter to keep an eye out for.

Greg Johnson
Small Towns Live

This album is a perfect memento for those who attended/witnessed any of the Small-town Shows on the tour, for those who missed attending these shows this is just a taste/slice of what you missed.
This album is comprised of 15 tracks of rich live goodness/recorded live throughout the period of the tour at the various shows. This is one album the fans have been looking forward to (I myself have even asked Greg over the years about a possibility) It is a very rare occasion for a live album from Greg.
The band is comprised of Greg Johnson, Ted Brown, Ben King and Wayne Bell together they present to us a show rich full of heavenly harmonies.
The tracks include songs from his recent releases as well as some of his big hits like Isabelle.
This is one live album I suggest you don’t wait another day to purchase.

The Feelers
Hope Nature Forgives

Its has been 13 years since these guys released their rip roaring debut album supersystem and they are still going strong which is no surprise really these guys are truly one of the many great rock bands NZ has with catchy lyrics and amazing music.Here we have their fifth studio album entitled Hope Nature Forgives the first single to come from this album is called Can’t Fix Me along with the recently released second single Didn’t Want To Fall In Love this album also has two previously released songs Blue Skies and their cover of a Jesus Jones track Right Here Right Now.
My song picks for this album Dasvidanija, Narrow Lanes, Open Up The Ground, and the title track Hope Nature Forgives.

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