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This is where we will premiere reviews for new albums at the time of release they will also appear under their respected subsection aswell.
New Note:As of 12.12 am 12th August 2016 we are going to experiment with doing reviews a different way instead of a cohesive structured review we are going to leave it raw and uncut from the thoughts we had when listening to these releases in the reviews this decision was made after finishing an article which is due to be published next month

 The corrs jupiter rising

It has been 2 years since The Corrs returned in full form with their 6th studio album white light and  just when we thought it was a one off treat they come back and present us their 7th album Jupiter Calling The album was primarily recorded live, with minimal overdubbing.

In my opinion it's far from commercial material but I think They don't need to go all commercial to prove anything at this point, their musicianship and skills were and are impressive, and as a band they've grown and evolved it's the best album up to now they could give us as fans.this album is so fragile and deep. Never have there songs been so raw and  Beautiful, with touching lyrics Angelic harmonies

I couldn't ask for more. . 3 years ago nobody expected a return, and today we have this. That says it all to

My song picks are the haunting Son Of Solomon

stunning song.

Very haunting, mysterious, fantastic bodhran/instrumental piece!. Love the bluegrass/raw feel to

diverse /natural delicately/delicate Beautiful music, touching lyrics. Angelic harmonies.

Song picks son of solomon and SOS

Tender ballads what can i do but praise this album

REM automatic Box set

The year was 1992 Singer Paul Simon was the first major artist to tour South Africa after the end of the cultural boycott 1992 was also the year of essential albums the list includes Eric Clapton's Unplugged,The Chills Softbomb, B52s Good Stuff but to me the most essential album from that time  has to be REM’s Automatic For The People.

It is always great when a band delves into their archive of hidden gems from recording sessions gone by this release includes a live show,unfinished/unreleased tracks in regards to demos which is like peeking behind a curtain or finding out how a magic trick is done some of the demo gems include C to D Slide 13 (man on the moon) and Michaels Organ (Everybody Hurts)

 They can come off sounding raw naked and  vulnerable you can hear the growth of the song from demo to the end result  some of the demos and unfinished songs on this release i feel are what could have been classics but it is understandably hard to pick just 12 or so songs for an album and it is only fitting they make it on an anniversary release even if not a completed track  classic, not bad , could have been.

In the end the band may no longer be recording but when these releases come out with unreleased tracks in a way it is like getting new songs from the band

Now these 25th anniversary re issues are pretty much a sure thing but what isn’t a sure thing is what is included as the bonuses when this was announced I was sure that one of the discs would b the automatic box set that had covers,instrumentals B sides and vocal tracks but turns

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