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Jordan Luck Band Not Only But Also 
This album rocks and from track 1 you will be hooked. Jordan has the ability craft 3 to 4 minute masterpieces in the form of songs that stick in your subconscious and it is evident with this album. If I had to pick out a standout track or two that would be difficult as I would pick all of them but if it comes down to it the ones I must mention are Can I Help You, Only The Lonely, Crystal Soul and Stevie. So fly away into the blue skies with the debut album from the Jordan Luck Band which is comprised of Jordan Luck of The Exponents who has been a main staple of the NZ music scene since the 80’s, Bryan Bell was the frontman for the band The Dead Flowers, Joe Walsh of Ekko Park, Beaver Drummer for the legendary D4 and Rich Mixture from The Dead Flowers,D4 and shaft. This album exceeded my hopes and expectations I had when it was announced
Lorde Melodrama

This is lorde's sophomore album it has been four years since her debut album pure heroin appeared as well as Royals bursting onto the radio this album is the next chapter in her book of songs.
Before the release of the album we were treated to 2 official singles Green Light and Perfect Places along and 2 unofficial single releases of Liability and Sober ( treated to 2 album tracks) A lot of what Lorde releases is full of her own style to the point of there now being a Lorde "Style". Lorde is great twice over because she's a Kiwi. This album sounds like it comes from a personal level of learning experience and emotion and maturity There is a lot of Passion and belief in the lyrics, Lorde has certainly grown up since love club ep/pure heroin. This album captures the messy nature of heartbreak Lorde has certainly put a lot of her own experiences into the songs which come across as autobiographical it certainly would have been an interesting experience to be a fly on the wall during the recording sessions watching the emotions being poured into the songs it's so fresh and unique but typically lorde it is a nice mix of melo and drama my picks from thee album are Green Light, Liability, Supercut and Writer In The Dark

Jamie Mcdell Ask Me Anything

Here we have Jamie Mcdells Sophomore album entitled Ask Me Anything.
If you ask us Jamie is certainly maturing into a fine singer/songwriter and this album is the proof.
We first got a taste of this album in 2014 with the singles Dumb and my personal favourite Crash I love the lyrical intensity of the track, the 3rd single we received was entitled back of my mind which is a nice summery track. I would put Jamies songs in the genre of country/pop overall this album contains great musical energy that just explodes in the form of great lyrics,melodies and vocal harmonies.
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