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Weird Al Yankovic
Mandatory Fun

This review is ironic in a way as it is my first review of a Weird Al album which happens to be his last (as Al has stated it is more viable doing singles as the parodies are relevant to the time they are released)
The week leading up to the album Al released 8 videos in 8 days to help promote the album.
My picks for the album have to be Foil (cover of Lorde’s Royals) Mission Statement (an original Weird Al Composition) Tacky (a cover of Pharrell’s Happy) 
And  another original composition of Al’s called First World Problems (I find myself singing at least one of these songs each day)
Overall this album is catchy and points out the clichés of our lives (I especially love the lyrical content of Word Crimes and First World Problems)there maybe a track called tacky but this album is far from it, it also proves that 3 decades on that Al still has great energy and a great creative mind and why he is still the king of music parody.

Additional note check out the video singles that have come out of this albums pre release
Second additional not as of tweaking this I am on my second round of this album (if you don't count the constant thrashing of the videos for the album)

Year Of The Horse
Straight out the gates and down the track this band has delivered  great melodies on this their debut EP
The first single from this release was We get this feeling which was then followed up a couple of months later with She Likes Pop Art
I get this feeling these guys will wow NZ with their catchy Electro pop/rock n roll styles 
One of my favorite moments that galloped into view was in the video for she likes pop art where we see a key-tar.
We here at Songlines Across New Zealand get this feeling that we will be hearing a lot more from these guys down the track 
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