Songlines Across New Zealand
  30 Years of Heavenly Pop Hits

Six years ago I was inspired to write my first ever cd review for a cd that caught my attention the album Stand By the band The Chills.
This band started life in the deep south in a city called Dunedin, the first ever line up of the group consisted of Martin Phillipps on vocals and guitar, Peter Gutteridge also on guitar and vocals, Alan Haig on drums Jane Dodd on bass and Rachel Phillipps on the keyboard. The first ever live show of the chills happened in November of 1980 at Coronation Hall.
Over the years The Chills have had numerous line up changes, have released 9 albums (including a best of and an EP) and have had many hits including Pink Frost, I love My Leather Jacket and Heavenly Pop Hits. The aforementioned songs are considered part of New Zealand’s pop history and are songs they are also songs I find myself humming from time to time.

2010 marks the 30th Anniversary of this legendary band from Dunedin, they will be celebrating it by playing a gig which was host to their first ever gig all those years ago Coronation Hall the date of the show is the 27th of November it will also follow an album release of live gems.If you would like to keep updated on events and goings on of the band check out aswell as the face book page of the chills.

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