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(this article was inspired by the reappearance of the song Whole World Smile)


Over the years I have been around there have been a handful of songs covered for charity some of these songs include Anchor Me for Greenpeace performed by Anika Moa, Kirsten Morrell and a few other well known names from the NZ music industry, Beside You to help fund music therapy activities at the Raukatauri Music Therapy charitable trust performed by Anika Moa and Opshop, Come Together also for the benefit of the Raukatauri music therapy charitable trust (this one was done a year after Beside You was released) it was performed by Boh Runga and Che Fu Daffodil Day Song performed by John Rowles, Dame Malvina Major and the NZSO for Daffodil Day (Cancer Society) but in my books the most memorable would have to be Whole world smile which was written by Murray Grindlay and performed by Hammond Gamble and The Red Nose Band for Red Nose Day (cot death cause) the song then disappeared for years until the year 2010 hit and was covered by Anika Moa for the charity Cure Kids in association with Paper Plus. A little bit about the song it is the only song to ever hit number one twice in separate years, it is also notable for knocking the song Can’t Help Falling In Love by UB40 out of the number 1 spot it had held for 10 weeks.


We here at Songlines Across New Zealand wish to thank all those involved for bringing back a classic song to support a great cause cure kids.

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