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  Something Beginning With The Exponents
My (musical) love affair with a certain band from Christchurch started in the year of  1992 when their single for Whatever Happened To Tracey hit the airwaves.
Which would also end up being the first ever cassingle I purchased of these guys, I remember going home and thrashing it along with the B side It Means I Mean You the tape still plays fine to this day. My next venture into the Exponents was the song Sink Like A Stone (did not get the cassingle this time but like many others I stuc a tape recorder up to the television and recorded it that way along with Why Does Love.
Jump to February 14 2002 I purchase Once Bitten Twice Bitten the singles collection and start to get a feel for more of their work this follows on to purchases of the Better Never Than Late 2 disc cd and then finally follow onto the 2 disc best of Sex And Agriculture (finally a cd version of It Means I Mean You.
Now it is May 8th 2013 almost the eve when they release for the first time their back catalogue Digitally with roughly 50 bonus tracks and new 8 track album (which can also be found as a bonus disc on the most recent best of release) I was planning on reviewing them individually but decided a full article was a much better representation for such an iconic kiwi rock band.
Let us start off with Live at Main Street which was recorded in June of 1983 
under the name of The Dance  6 months before the release of their debut album (the B side to this on the vinyl was The Legionnaires live on Mainstreet ) all of the tracks recorded here would end up on the debut album (with the exception of Airway Spies (this would not turn up until the Once Bitten singles collection, Perfect Romance, My Date With You Was A Date With No-one.
We move to six months later to December with the debut album Prayers Be Answered with the singles Victoria, All I Can Do, Know Your Own Heart, (one of the great pub anthems)I'll Say Goodbye (Even Though I'm Blue) and Your Best Friend Loves Me Too.
The digital reissue includes/contains the original single releases for Victoria and All I Can Do aswell as unreleased tracks (including what you could call an early version to Social life from the latest release).
We move onto the 1985 release entitled Expectations which presented the singles My Love for You, Christchurch (In Cashel St I Wait), Greater Hopes Greater Expectations the digital release for this album includes an extended 12 inch mix of Christchurch, a demo entitled There's Only One Love For This Love aswell as the track Sex And Agriculture along with a 12 inch mix and instrumental version.
In 1986 came the fourth album Amplifier along with it came the singles Caroline Skies(which was recorded acoustically for the latest release) and Only I Could Die (and Love You Still) with the digital release one of the bonus tracks is an alternate version of Victoria. After this album it would be six years and into a new decade before New Zealand would hear another album from The Dance Exponents although in the new decade something would be missing.
In March of 1992 the band who had disappeared from the scene came back with a difference that difference would be a shorter name The Dance Exponents released their album Something Beginning With C under the shorter name The Exponents (minus the Dance bit) this album reveal some very catchy singles including one of the most notable iconic tracks Why Does Love Do This To Me, Who Loves Who the Most, Whatever Happened to Tracey, Sink Like a Stone and Erotic.
The digital release contains a musical feast and is by far one of my favourite selections (as it contains It Means I Mean You in digital form) along with a demo of Why Does love ( it's a very stripped back raw practice session sound . when it was recorded what you hear is pretty much the essence of the demo along with a feast of other B Sides and in my opinion unreleased hits.  
Not too long later (if you can call 2 years a short span of time compared to the six years between Amplifier and Something Beginning With C ) the album Grassy Knoll would roll out to the public along with the singles House of Love, Like She Said and Don't Say Goodbye, the digital release to this album is a handful of live tracks along with a track called So This Is Love (written by former Split Enz member Phil Judd)
The next album to come out would be delivered to us in the year of 1997 it would be called Better Never Than Late the singles from this would be One in a Lifetime, Close and Change Your Mind this album in it’s initial release would come with a bonus cd of a live show ( the digital release of this comes with no bonus tracks, not even the bonus live cd tracks)
1999 saw the bands final (or so we thought but then Eight Days At Roundhead appeared ) album it comprised of six brand new songs along with eight live tracks recorded at the Pounamu Hotel, in Takapuna, Auckland.
We round of this article with a note about the new Exponents recording Eight Days At Round Head. This album was done as a build up to the rockumentary Prime Rocks The Exponents Story airing on Prime 22nd of May. This is a ten track album the first eight tracks were recorded at roundhead during the filming process of the rockumentary the last two tracks were done in 2005. This album is fantastic and has a nice mature sound for an Exponents album.
My last word on this great band is they are one of the many solid foundations of the New Zealand Music scene with their many iconic songs from Victoria to Whatever happened to Tracey, why does love do this to me to I’ll say goodbye and even their rugby song It’s Rugby these are considered classic sing along pub anthems to songs you sit around singing with friends

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